Tai Chi Classes

THUMBNAIL TAI CHISt. Johnsbury-The United Community Church of St. Johnsbury is helping people stay active with a fall prevention class. A free Tai Chi class is available every Tuesday at this church from one thirty to two thirty pm. This Tai Chi class has gained a lot of popularity in the St. Johnsbury area too, and these Tuesday classes have stayed pretty consistent in the last two years.

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Local Parent Raises Concerns Over Curriculum

Sci ConcernsSAINT JOHNSBURY- A concerned parent of children attending the Saint Johnsbury voiced concerns over the school not having a science curriculum. Pat Ely of Saint Johnsbury found out from a teacher that there was no official science curriculum for the school.

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Prevention Award for NVRH

NVRH logoST. JOHNSBURY - The Prevention sector at NVRH was awarded at the Statehouse this past Thursday for their work with coalitions around the state to keep Vermont Residents off of illegal substances. With the Opiod Epidemic and the fads of Juul's and cigarettes plauging Vermont as well as the entire country, preventionists have thier work cut out for them.

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Local Jazz Band Prepares for Festival

Saint J JazzSAINT JOHNSBURY- The saint J School jazz band is getting ready to show off their talent at the Discover Jazz festival in Burlington.

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Trout Migration

Fish ThumbnailST. JOHNSBURY-It is the beginning of trout migration and fishing season in Vermont. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department said the annual spring trout migration season started at the end of this April. Steel and Rainbow trout migration is expected to happen for the next two weeks of May, when the temperatures begin to rise.

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Drug Take Back Day 2019

Drug Take BackST. JOHNSBURY - Drug Take Back Day is not the oldest tradition in the state of Vermont, however it is one of the best events for managing the opiod and drug crisis within the state. The reasons behind the one day event that takes place twice a year is to get expired drugs and prescription medication out of houses and in the hands of law enforcement, who can properly dispose of the substances.

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Eastern Avenue at Pearl Street Closed Down for Monday

Eastern Avenue ClosureST. JOHNSBURY- Eastern Avenue at Pearl Street was closed to traffic on Monday. A 300 foot water main was being put in by the town on Pearl Street, beginning on Eastern Avenue.

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Kitchen Counter Cafe Flooding

kitchen counterST. JOHNSBURY - While many Northeast Kingdom business have fallen victim to the intense spring flooding we have encountered lately, The Kitchen Counter in St. Johnsbury is dealing with damage from the rain that helped cause that flooding.

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Eastern Avenue and Pearl Street Intersection Closure Next Week

ST. JOHNSBURY - Part of Eastern Avenue in St. Johnsbury will be temporarily closed to traffic early next week while a contractor works on water system upgrades.

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Tax Stabilization For New Distillery

st. j distillery logoST. JOHNSBURY - The town of St. Johnsbury will be seeing a new Distillery open its doors by the projected time period of the end of this summer. The building that they will be moving into for business was the old hardware shop just off of Pearl Street; however Celtic Marketing, the firm that owns the St. Johnsbury Distillery, is making major upgrades to the building.

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Expanding Saint Johnsbury's Downtown District

ST J DOWNTOWN EXPANSIONST. JOHNSBURY- The town of Saint Johnsbury is moving forward with efforts to revitalize their downtown district day by day. An announcement was made at Monday nights Select Board meeting, the town has been approved to make expansions to the area known as the downtown district.

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How the Town of Saint Johnsbury Handled This Past Weekends Flooding Event

ST J FLOODST JOHNSBURY- This past weekend, thanks to warmer temperatures, rainfall, and snowmelt, the Passumpsic River and surrounding tributaries were overrun with excess water. Breaching its banks, the Passumpsic crested to 17 feet of raging rapids, the Passumpsic is considered to be "flooded" once it reaches 14 feet.

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NEK Chamber of Commerce Giving Their Annual Plaque A Little Life

NEK PlauqesST. JOHNSBURY - The Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce will once again be handing out their membership plaques to members within the next month. This year however, members can expect the plaques to look much different than they usually do.

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National Healthcare Decisions Day at NVRH

NationalHealthcareDecisionsDayST. JOHNSBURY- Tuesday April 16th was National Healthcare Decisions Day and all across the State of Vermont, hospitals participated in spreading awareness about Advanced Healthcare planning.

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Upgraded Water Main, Just In Time

St.J Sewer BudgetST. JOHNSBURY - A water main pipe replacement project that has been a part of the town plan for multiple years now will finally be put into action. The replacement of an outdated six-inch water pipe that runs along Pearl Street in St. Johnsbury has been failing it's water pressure requirements for fire safety standards; this has pushed town governement to move the project to the top of this year's projects since it was postponed from last fall.

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Flooding Roads, Towns, and Byways

floodthumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - A flood warning was issued to the Northeast Kingdom on April 15th, 2019. The river corridor that allows the Passumpsic River to flow through St. Johnsbury had water up to the edge of the banks in some parts of town, and the water had completely overtaken parts of the byway leading out of St. Johnsbury.

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Opiate Education Workshop

Opiate EdST. JOHNSBURY- Each and every day, more than 130 people in the United States die from overdosing on opiate substances, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Here in the Northeast Kingdom, we unfortunately are no stranger to the toxicity that surrounds opioids and opioid addiction.

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Distillery Recognized

Distillery ThumbnailSt. Johnsbury-Duncan Holaday of Dunc's Mill and St. Johnsbury Distillery were honored with an award from a national distillery organization.

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15th Annual SJA Fashion Show to Premier

modelsST. JOHNSBURY- This year marks the 15th annual fashion show for the design students at the St. Johnsbury Academy. Designers have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their garments for the big night happening on Thursday. Design teacher Emma Charrow says the design program started 20 years ago when then teacher Mrs. Wallace was in charge. 

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Vegan Cooking Demonstration

Cooking Thumbnail 2ST. JOHNSBURY-This past sunday a vegan cooking demonstration was given at the Caledonia Christian School.

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Thrift Store Giving Back

Cloting ThumbnailSt. Johnsbury-A local thrift store KSC Thrifts of St. Johnsbury is giving back to the community by having a spring sale.

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The Shooter and the Wounded

st j. police searchST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Police Department responded to a report of gun shots on Elm Street early in the morning on Tuesday, April 2nd. The shots were heard at 12:50 AM and Calex ambulance was on scene to transport twenty-four year old Brandon Delude to NVRH medical center for two gunshot wounds to the lower back. However, Delude would not spend much time there, for he was quickly airlifted and brought to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center so that he could be treated for his injuries and given a psych evaluation from their trauma department when his wounds were treated.

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Vacation Art Classes

ST.JOHNSBURY - The Catamount Arts will be hosting several art classes for children ranging from ages 4 to 14 years old.

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Bears Are Here

ST.JOHNSBURY - Spring has officially sprung and we are not the only ones coming out for the warmer weather. Black bears are starting to leave their dens. Which is why The Vermont Fish and Wildlife is advising that people remove their bird feeders.

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New Funeral Home proposed for Industrial Zone

Funeral Home

ST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury may soon be seeing a new funeral home, but it would be in a place that may seem uncommon. The St.Johnsbury select-board met Monday night and one of the topics brought to the select-board was from St.Johnsbury planning commissioner, Jim Brown.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


Teacher Appreciation Week
It is Teacher Appreciation, which means it's time for students to thank their teachers for all of the lessons in and out of the classroom that are taught by our masters of education.

Too Many To Stand Under The Umbrella
Due to a false capacity sign at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center, the Umbrella Organization bit off a little more than they could chew with their first annual Spring Gala.

Preparing for Prom
It's officially prom season here in the Northeast Kingdom, and Hope is looking to outfit local ladies with the dresses to bring the house down.