St. Johnsbury Warming Shelter Prepares to Open

blanketST. JOHNSBURY- Preparations are underway at the St. Johnsbury Warming Shelter for their season opening tomorrow evening. "People need a place to go," said coordinator Janis Patoine. "And you know, you don't like to see people not warm, not clean, not dry. They have the opportunity to do their laundry here if they need, and just to get warmed up and not feel so left out of the community."

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VTrans and the Snowfall

vtrans plowST. JOHNSBURY - The Vermont Agency of Transportation has begun the long haul for the end of the year. The long haul of course is combatting with snow on the roadways all throughout the state of Vermont. The District 7 Agency had it's day cut out for it on November 12th when the Vermont Weather Service recorded nine inches of snowfall in the single day. VTrans workers were out plowing roads at 4 AM, and some stayed out and worked till 7 at night.

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St. Johnsbury School Everybody Wins

Everybody Wins ProgramST.JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury school has been holding their Everybody Wins program for the past few weeks now. The program allows students to learn how to read with adult mentors during their lunch time if they want to.

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Joe Benning Talks Upcoming Term

benningST. JOHNSBURY- Republican Senator of Caledonia District, Joe Benning, is running unoppsed in today's election. That being said, his chances of serving the state for the next two years are fairly high. When asked about his plans for the upcoming term, he discussed the importance of keeping things affordable across the state in order to get the economy growing. "Try to change our demographics in such a way that we have more as opposed to less people in the work force," he said.

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St. Johnsbury Holds Annual Halloween Parade

HALLOWEENST. JOHNSBURY- Tomorrow night is a big night in St. Johnsbury, as the town will be shutting down Main Street for their 4th annual Halloween Parade.The parade starts at the Fairbanks Museum and goes down the street ending at Arnold Park. The parade was created by members of the community 5 years ago as a way to keep everyone safe on Halloween night.

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Christine Hallquist Comes to the NEK

hallquistST. JOHNSBURY- Democratic nominee for Vermont Governor Christine Hallquist was the special guest at the St. Johnsbury Rotary club on Monday. Hallquist had the opportunity to meet members of the Northeast Kingdom and speak with them about what lead her to where she is today. "My life has been quite unimaginable and I'll call it a miracle that I stand here today. But I recognize that the reason I stand here today is because of the thousands of Vermonters before me who fought for what is right and what is just," she said.

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Local Community Celebrates 2nd Annual Pumpkin Walk

GREAT PUMPKINST. JOHNSBURY- The Summerville neighborhood in St. Johnsbury celebrated their second annual Great Pumpkin Walk this past Saturday. Over one hundred community members came out to celebrate Halloween with the neighborhood.

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Time To Prepare For Winter

plow truck ST. JOHNSBURY - Winter-like weather has hit the Northeast Kingdom early this year. And because of this, the steps to prepare the roads, and our cars, for the icy season is beginning much sooner.

"When it comes early like this, there is a little extra running around," says Gary McGinnis, a senior maintenance worker for VTrans in St. Johnsbury. 

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Bay Street Fire: Seeking Public Assistance

baystupdateST. JOHNSBURY- It's been over a month since a fire burnt an abandoned building in St. Johnsbury. The fire happening at 659 Bay Street is being investigated as arson. Jon Bouffard the St. Johnsbury Fire Chief said it was an, "Incendiary fire, the State Police came in and the Fire Marshal's office, and determined that there were two locations within the building that there were fire."

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The Historic LI vs STJA Matchup

li vs st jST. JOHNSBURY- It's finally that time of year again when the legendary rivals matchup. The Lyndon Institute Vikings and The Saint Johnsbury Hilltoppers have hard at work all week prepping for this weekend. The Hilltoppers have won the past four years now, but they're still keeping a close eye on the Vikings.

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NVRH Hosts COPD Health Fair

NVRH COPD HEALTH FAIRST. JOHNSBURY- Northern Vermont Regional Hospital held its 3rd annual COPD health fair on Monday. The fair hosted numerous health organizations, all of which informed attendees about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and its effects.

Heather Nelson, the hospital's Respiratory Therapist, started the fair three years ago in order to inform the community on the disease as COPD is common in the St. Johnsbury area. "COPD is very heavy here in the St. Johnsbury community, and that's what we mostly see here in the emergency room and the admissions."

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Suspect of High-Speed Car Pursuit Arraigned In Court

hithouseST. JOHNSBURY- The man who Police say led them on a high-speed pursuit in Lyndonville was arraigned in court today.

State police say that 29-year-old Michael King of St. Johnsbury was traveling at speeds of 80 to 100 miles per hour yesterday when he crashed into a home at 1559 Red Village Road. Tpr. Jason Danielsen reported that police attempted to stop King's red, 2005 Toyota Corolla, but he continued to speed away, initiating the pursuit. 

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Dog Mountain Gets Big Mention

dog mtnST. JOHNSBURY- Dog Mountain was recently mentioned in an article written by "Travel and Leisure". The article was about the best places to visit during the month of October. For Dog Mountain this was a big surprise and a great feeling.

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Squam Lakes Visits St. Johnsbury's NECKA

animalpresentationST. JOHSNBURY-Some furry friends taught class today for children at Northeast Kingdom Community Action's Parent and Child Center in St. Johnsbury. The goal of today's lesson was to get the kids excited about nature. The animals were provided by the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in New Hampshire and were a great introduction to wildlife.

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Fall Prevention - And The Improvement Of Senior Living

Council on aging ST. JOHNSBURY – September not only welcomes the fall season, but it also is a month of fall prevention. As people age, their risk of falling tends to be higher and their mobility lower. The NEK Council on Aging aims to help change that. Each year, events are hosted during a week in September to help as many as possible with fall prevention. These fall prevention events have physical therapists, nurses and members from the council in attendance, and has participants go through 3 different tests to assess their balance and needs when it comes to being safe.

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New Winter Policy Ahead of Winter

st. johnsbury roadST. JOHNSBURY - Winter is coming... and the town of St. Johnsbury has already begun preparations for the upcoming season by creating a draft ordinance for their Winter policy which they hope to enact this year.

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New Logos at St. Johnsbury Distillery

distilllerylogoST. JOHNSBURY- Dunc's Mill has changed it's brand name to the Saint Johnsbury Distillery. Duncan Holaday is the mastermind behind the company's distilling process, something that started out in the early two-thousands.

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NVRH Updates Birthing Center

nvrh birthST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital made some big renovations over the past year and are now in the full swing of things, taking care of patients and delivering babies. The hospital's birthing center got a 2.4 million dollar renovation. It's first upgrade for the center since the hospital was built 44 years ago.

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Women of the Moose are Lending a Helping Hand

women mooseST. JOHNSBURY- The Loyal Order of Moose is an international non-profit fraternal organization, who have a lodge based in St. Johnsbury. One part of the Loyal Order is a group called The Women of The Moose, these women hold fundraisers and events year round in order to support two of the chapters within the organization.

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Abandoned Building in St. Johnsbury Caught Fire over Weekend

bay st fireST. JOHSNBURY- An anbandoned building caught fire Saturday afternoon in St. Johnsbury at 659 Bay Street. The owner of the building was in the process of taking the building down.

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Dux the Balloon Man

balloonST. JOHNSBURY- If you walked beyond the main hub of events at this year's Colors of the Kingdom Festival, you may have stumbled upon an abstract balloon sculpture. The life-size rubber creation was made by none other than Dux the Balloon Man, a Burlington-based artist who lives to entertain.

The sculpture created on Saturday resembled a variety of characters, ranging from a sea anemone to a helix. And according to Dux, the uncertainty is one of his favorite parts of the job.

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St. Johnsbury School Superintendent

st j schoolboard 2ST. JOHNSBURY - The School board for the St. Johnsbury school as of Monday, September 10th, has announced their new interim Superintendent for the 2018-2019 school year. Dr. Brian Ricca, originally the Superintendent for the Montpelier school district has lent his helping hand as a 0.6 administrator for the next ten months.

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Lawyers Giving Back

Food driveST. JOHNSBURY- It's that time of year again for law firms across the state of Vermont to start givining back to their communities. This is all because of Attonery General T.J. Donovans idea from last year to start a food drive called "Lawyers Fighting Hunger Food Drive".

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St. Johnsbury Schools Interim Superintendent

school busSAINT JOHNSBURY- The Saint Johnsbury School District has appointed a new interim superintendent for this school year. Dr. Brian Ricca will be filling the role of former superintendent Ranny Bledsoe. Ricca has been named to .6 administrator through the first of July. Dr. Ricca will be working three days a week with a salary of sixty-thousand dollars for ten months of work.

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St. Johnsbury and Act 46

stjschoolST. JOHNSBURY - Since last year, we as a state have seen a very large concentration of school districts unifying under Act 46.  Since that time in the Caledonian County, the Kingdom East Unified School District, and the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union have formed and are off and running for the 2018-19 schoolastic year.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Snow Storm Coverage

We talk to VTrans after yesterday's snow storm.


Warming Shelter

A shelter in St. Johnsbury is preparing to open it's facilities to the public tomorrow.


Lyndonville Lot Sizes Changing

Lyndonville Selectboard is trying to change sub-dividing laws in the town, and residents are voicing concerns.