Burglar Unable To Steal From Church

church burglarAROUND THE NEK - The United Baptist Church in Waterford was broken into on the morning of Saturday, April 13th. Seccurity cameras show an individual breaking a glass window on the backside of the building with a long pole. After gaining entry into the building the burglar attempted to gain access to the main offices.

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Groton Free Public Library Prom Dresses

grotonGROTON - Prior to landing her new position as librarian of the Groton Free Public Library in the fall of 2018, Jodi Fleurie-Wohlleb was a chicken farmer with her family in New Hampshire. Along with a bright smile and inclusive attitude, Fleurie-Wohlleb has brought with her a new goal and an old tradition to the Groton Free Public Library.


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15 Years and Still No Maura

scene of the crime North Haverhill, NH- Potential leads in finding 21 year old Maura Murray fell flat during a forensic excavation on Wednesday. Over the 15 years Fred Murray, Maura's father, has been trying to get into a house on route 112 just across from where Maura went missing in 2004.

Snow in Spring, Go Figure

vtrans plowAROUND THE NEK - Friday, March 22nd marked a gigantic winter storm that sweeped the northeast kingdom in just over a foot of snow. Rates of snowfall were recorded at their peak to have fallen at three inches an hour in the early afternoon, and even more frightening were the reports of cars, trucks, and semi(s) that went off the roads or flipped themselves. The Vermont Transportation Agency as well as local road crews were busy all hours of the day and night clearing the snow and ice and attempting to make roads passable for residents, however almost nothing could make the roads completely safe for travel.

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Barnet School Conducts Survey on Gonyaw

Barnet school teacher pollBARNET- The Barnet School's teachers recently did a poll on principal Shawn Gonyaw's performance. This past fall, many parents and community members were concerned about the way Gonyaw has controlled bullying and now things have turned around for the better.

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A Preview on the Return of Mud Season

mudseasonLYNDONVILLE- With the spike in temperature today and rain with temperatures expected in the fifties for tomorrow, some of the monstrous snow piles have begun to dwindle, and will continue to do so tomorrow. While most people are loving the spring like feel, to some people this time of year is the worst.

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Rabbit Hill Inn History

rabbit hillLOWER WATERFORD- The Rabbit Hill Inn was constructed in 1795 and was a regular destination for people hauling goods from Boston to Maine. Owners of the Inn for over twenty five years, Brian Mulcahy and his wife Leslie are uncertain of what the future has in store for the estate.

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Long Time Board Member Retires

 Board Member Retires

WELLS RIVER- Long time Blue Mountain Union School Board member Bruce Stevens has decided to retire afrer 28 years. During the annual budget meeting the superintendent and other board members suprised Stevens with gifts and congradulations.

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Second Alpine Ski Race Championship Hosted at Burke Mountain

alpine2East Burke - The past two days at Burke Mountain have been filled with competition and excitement as the Vermont State Alpine Ski Championship has taken place. This is the second year that Lyndon Institute has hosted the alpine race at Burke Mountain. More specifically, the race has taken place on Burke's renown race and Olympic training hill, Warren's Way.

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How Does VTRANS Eliminate Flooding Risks When it Rains in Winter?

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2ST. JOHNSBURY - With the active winter that we have had so far, VTRANS has been quite busy. Their duties, however, extend further than just dealing with snow.

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New Bike Trail Network

AROUND THE NEK- Four towns in the Northeast Kingdom will soon be connected by an inter-town long trail biking route thanks to a $25,700 grant from the State Department of Housing and Community Development. The trail network will connect Burke, Victory, Concord, and Kirby using low-traffic dirt roads.

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THC Tax?

green mountain growAROUND THE NEK - The office of the Attorney General is looking to impose a tax on the sale of Recreational Cannibus within the state. While this is very interesting considering that the sale of Recreational Cannibus is still illegal in the state of Vermont, the new imposed tax would mean bringing THC into the states economy and law. 

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Understanding Addiction: Mike Lucier

MikeNEWPORT- Mike Luceir grew up with a leg deformity which landed him in and out of surgeries throughout his teenage years. Pain killers became a normal part of his life, and he correlates that familiarity with his willingness to experiment with drugs as he got older. According to Luceir, his greatest struggle was with heroine, and around 2004 he joined one of the first Buprenorphine clinics in Vermont in an attempt to get his addiction under control.

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Understanding Addiction: Tennyson Marceau

TennysonBARNET- It was a sunny fall afternoon in Barnet, Vermont. Tennyson Marceau was at the Bogie Brothers Motocross track volunteering his time to take pictures of the young riders, and to support the track's drug and alcohol-free initiative. The track is 100 percent sober and promotes healthy lifestyles among kids and teens in the area.

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Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil Mandate

low sulfurLYNDONVILLE – In July, Vermont made a switch to which heating oil could be used to heat homes and buildings. It is now mandatory that all heating oil companies carry and deliver ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

A state-wide mandate in 2011 created a two-part step down to producing the cleanest-burning heating oil possible. The step down was made to reduce the presence of sulfur to be refined by 2018.

"In 2014, the sulfur content in the fuel was five-hundred parts per million. Four years later in 2018, the cleanest burning oil to date contains only fifteen parts per million of sulfur" according to Vermont Fuel Dealers Association Executive Director Matt Cota. 

With this ultra-low sulfur heating oil, all particulate matter is removed from the combustion of the fuel. This is significant because a clear majority of Vermonters burn heating oil in their homes and businesses.

Cota, states "In Vermont, we burn one hundred million gallons of heating oil per year to keep about half the homes and businesses warm." This ultra-low sulfur fuel is better for the air and environment by emitting less particulate matter.

This is not the only upside Cota stresses; the new type of oil is also a lot better and cleaner for furnaces and boilers. Proper protocol for furnace maintenance is a cleaning every two years. With the ultra-low sulfur oil, studies have found that there is much less soot and build up.

A Look at Vermont's Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

Legal potLYNDONVILLE - On July first of this year, marijuana was made legal across the state of Vermont. For some this is very exciting and for others, it may be a bit of a headache. Just because the plant is legal now does not mean there are no restrictions. 



With marijuana being legal, there are some limitations as to how much a person over the age of 21 can possess. Co-owner of Green Mountain Grow Ray Daphinais in Lyndonville says "People are allowed up to one ounce at a time to carry and smoke, and by law the storage of it must be behind closed doors with a lock. The same goes for growing the plant, it must be behind closed doors or contained in a lockable area."

A person is not allowed to go crazy and grow as much as they want. They are limited to having five in vegetative state and two in flower state. What this means is a person can have up to five that are just leaves and stalks.

In terms of the two in flowering state, that refers to the actual bud of the plant. Depending on the grow, a plant can produce anywhere from a half ounce to a full pound. Keeping the plants in vegetative state will stop them from budding, instead the plant will just grow big.

The presence of grow shops is going up, and they are there for more than just supplying a grower's needs. Many times, customers who are growing will come in to ask for advice with their plants. In return, those who work at a grow shop will advise growers to help them get the best yield out of their plant as possible.

However, just because someone is 21 years old does not always mean they can grow. It all depends where they reside, and if they are tenant they may have a no-grow clause in their contract.

Lyndon landlord Scott DesJardins who has a no-grow clause in his apartment contracts mentioned that it is usually an agreement between a landlord and their insurance agency. Much of the concern is the liability of high powered grow lights being a fire hazard.

Co-owner of Green Mountain Grow states "The people who we have seen interest in growing is mostly middle to older aged adults."

With cannabis being legalized for three months now in Vermont, the popularity of growing the finicky plant has definitely been on the rise.

Deputy of The Year

sherrifNEK- The Caledonia County Sheriff’s Department has named their new Deputy of The Year and its Deputy Joseph Rossi. Rossi has been part-time with the department since 2014 and has done tremendous work.


Rossi had no intentions in winning any award he just did his job.


“I just work thats it, and work to serve them and the public and I got deputy of the year it surprised me it wasn’t a goal.” Said Joseph Rossi Caledonia County Deputy.


Before joining the law enforcement Rossi served 20 years in the Marine Core.


“This is my retirement gig, it allows me to serve the community and stay active and that’s what I do.”


He stayed humble as he accepted the award, but did have some appreciation for what he has done.


“I respect my leaders and I liked the fact that they did recognize me. I don’t demand it I just work.” Rossi continued.


If there’s one thing he loves most about his job, it’s the fact that he just gets to be out and about everyday.


“Just being out on the road just being out and interacting with the public constantly on the move I couldn’t sit behind a desk.”

Non-Profits Seek Donations in Winter Months

hopethumbNORTHEAST KINGDOM- Non-profits in the Northeast Kingdom are always looking for donations to keep their organizations running. But with this winter season coming earlier than usual, the need for donations has become even more necessary.

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Powers Pleads not Guilty for Attempted Murder of Nephew

ST. JOHNSBURY- Ricky Powers, 57, of Waterford, pleaded not guilty to his charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a weapon, and reckless endangerment in Caledonia County Court on Monday.

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NPT Partners with NVRH

nptnvrhmergeLYNDONVILLE- Today Northern Physical Therapy and Northern Vermont Regional Hospital have officially merged together. Both organizations are looking forward to the partnership because it is a way to develop more meaningful and effective plans of care for their patients.

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Danville School celebrates Veteran's Day

V-day Danville SchoolDANVILLE-The Danville School held a Veteran's Day celebration this morning for students and community members to enjoy. Guest speaker Joshua Mitchell came to speak about his experiences while in the military.

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Saint Johnsbury & Danville Poll Coverage

VOTE VTST JOHNSBURY & DANVILLE – November 6th, otherwise known as nation-wide election day, may have been a dark and dismal day weather-wise in the Northeast Kingdom. However, it was an important day for voters who hoped to see the change they would like to see at a local and federal level.

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Know Before you Vote

With the polls opening Tuesday morning, know more about some of the candidates running for US Sentate.

For more information about the candidates that were not able to be interviewed, click here for more information. 

Northeast Kingdom Celebrates 10th Annual Northeast Kingdom Challenge

runNORTHEAST KINGDOM- Saturday was National Make A Difference Day, and two towns in the Northeast Kingdom celebrated by having annual races. The towns of St. Johnsbury and Lyndonville hosted their 10th annual Kingdom Challenge.

Saturday morning started off with the half marathon race in Lyndonville. Runners started at Park Avenue and looped down McGoff Hill road to end in St. Johnsbury.

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Veterans Carve Pumpkins To Help Their Communtiy

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 5.08.16 PM

Lyndon- The students Veterans association helped to carve over 30 pumpkins to help contribute to an annual pumpkin walk. The walk is sponsored by the Summerville Neighbors association in St. Johnsbury. The group ordered 500 pumpkins that will be on display on a path leading up to their very own haunted house.

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