Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging

NEK COUNCIlSAINT JOHNSBURY - Retirement and other matters concerning the topic of aging, comes with a variety of different new challenges for individuals, one organization with locations in Saint Johnsbury, Hardwick, Island Pond, and Newport wants the community to know that they are there for every step of the way. 

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St. Johnsbury Firefighters Give Back

st j toy driveST. JOHNSBURY- The Saint Johnsbury Fire Department are Santa's local helpers this year.  The department is running a Santa Fund to help children in need by providing them with Christmas presents. Toy donation boxes have been set up all around the Northeast Kingdom including at the station and Passumpsic Savings Bank they will distrubute the toys on December 21st.

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An Upgrade 15 Years Coming

crazyST. JOHNSBURY - There is work being done in downtown St. Johnsbury. The Railroad Street enhancement is getting underway. Developers took 15 years to make sure the project is flawless. With all this construction, the towns parking meters are being replaced. with the town removing meters.

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Potential School Rule Changes

SCHOOLINST. JOHNSBURY - Changes could potentially be coming to local independent schools in the area, although many people are opposed to them. These changes include a need for an evaluation by a national accrediting entity to provide financial assurance, as well as the need of special education teachers at public schools and teaching license requirements at independent school.

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VT S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S our Troops

vt supportsST. JOHNSBURY- Every year a local organization rounds up its volunteers to make the holidays brighter for those fighting for our freedom.


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St. Johnsbury is Glowing

lightssST. JOHNSBURY - For the first time, St. Johnsbury held a lighting ceremony at the Welcome Center. The Friday night event was filled with treats, music, and more for all of the members of the public and their children. 

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Vermont Business Social

taproomST. JOHNSBURY— It is important for businesses to create relationships with their customers in the business world, but it’s also crucial to have good rapport between businesses. The Vermont Business for Social Responsibility (VBSR) held an event in St. Johnsbury to help with networking. Jane Campbell is the Executive Director for the VBSR, and discussed how the event was set up to help connect like-minded business leaders.

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Tis the Season for Basketball Season

BasketballSAINT JOHNSBURY - Winter sports are right around the corner in the Northeast Kingdom. Tryouts are commencing around the area for both boys and girls basketball teams, and tryouts for both Saint Johnsbury Academy teams started Monday. 

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New Tradition Lights Up the New Year

lanternST. JOHNSBURY - A tradition that normally happens on Christmas Eve, will now light up the streets of St. Johnsbury on First Night on New Years Eve.

This year St. Johnsbury will have extra lights on the streets during their First Night festivities. The community is encouraged to take part in workshops and make paper lanterns for the event.

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Fire Contained in St. Johnsbury

saintjfiredeptST. JOHNSBURY - Saint Johnsbury fire crews were put to work just before 8 o'clock this morning at a residential building on Central Street. A small fire broke out on the backside of a duplex on the second floor.

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Estate Planning Basics Seminar

SAINT JOHNSBURY – No matter what stage you are at in your life, estate planning is a crucial step in handling financial matters. Estate planning is the process of mapping out how you want your finances handled during periods of incapacity or death.

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St Johnsbury Housing Concerns


housingST. JOHNSBURY - On Thursday, two meetings were held in Saint Johnsbury, both with housing as the main focus.
The Vermont Housing and Conservation Board met at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum on Thursday to discuss opportunities and challenges in the area.

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Catamount Arts Fundraiser

catamountartsfundST. JOHNSBURY -  In an effort to support art classes at Catamount Arts, 250 people gathered for a live auction with the proceeds benefitting continuation of art education.  The mission of Catamount Arts is to help integrate art into the community.

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St. Johnsbury Delays

stjdelayST. JOHNSBURY - Motorists in the town of Saint Johnsbury can expect some delays in the downtown area, along with parking restrictions over the next couple of weeks.

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Bond Auto Buyout

bond finalSaint Johnsbury - O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. and Bond Auto Parts, Inc. have entered into a definitive agreement where O'Reilly will purchase substantially all assets of Bond. The Bond Auto Parts store in Saint Johnsbury is one of many Bond stores to included in the purchase by O'Reilly.

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St. J Football Title Game Preview

stjfootballSt. Johnsbury - Saturday, November Twelfth at 5:00pm at Rutland High School the Championship High School football game for division one will be played. In this year's contest, the Saint Johnsbury Hilltoppers will be squaring off against Hartford High School.

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Paul Sweeney Coat Drive

coatdriveSaint Johnsbury - On Saturday, November 5th from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Salvation Army in Saint Johnsbury the 14th Annual Paul Sweeney Coat Drive will be taking place. This annual fundraising event is sponsored by Green Mountain Power.

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Dog Mountain Grant

dogmtn2Saint Johnsbury - Friends of Dog Mountain are celebrating with a $75,000 grant that will keep the doors of Dog Mountain and the Stephen Huneck Gallery open for business. 

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Chili, Chocolate and Constituents

aspdemsST. JOHNSBURY — Sunday evening, Raise Up Vermont visited Catamount Arts Center to introduce community members to their democratic party candidates.

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St. Johnsbury Structure Fire

st j fireSAINT JOHNSBURY - A structure fire broke out around 8:00a.m. this morning on Elm St. in St. Johnsbury.  "We weren't too far away so we blue lighted all the way over here and got here as the place was engulfed," says St. Johnsbury Police Department Patrol Officer, Adrian Hahr.

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Locals to Renovate Abandoned Armory

st j armoryST. JOHNSBURY - The abandoned armory in St. Johnsbury will have a new look soon at the hands of a local who said that this type of project is right up his alley.

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Local Woman Receives Award

history2St. Johnsbury - They say it takes a village, when Peggy Pearl received her award from the Vermont Historical Society she thanked everyone who works with her.

"I have a hard time accepting this award because its something that reflects dozens and dozens of people. This award couldn't have been receive by myself, if I didn't have those people behind me", Pearl said.

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The Rivalry

LivsstjSaint Johnsbury - A rivalry that extends back farther than the last time the Cubs won the world series, the 112th edition known as "The Game" pitted the 5-2 Saint Johnsbury Hilltoppers against the 0-7 Lyndon Institute Vikings.

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It's More than Just a Library

StorytimeST. JOHNSBURY - A library is a place where some go to further their literature, educate themselves, and gain a peace of mind. What makes St. Johnsbury’s library so special is that it is not just a tool for literature, but for so much more.

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CatCH You Afterschool

After School ProgramSaint Johnsbury— A unique afterschool program is catching the attention of students and members in the community. Catamount Community Hours, also known as CatCH, is an afterschool and summer program for students first to fifth grade, within the Saint Johnsbury community.

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