Winter Gear Swap

winterswapDANVILLE VT.-  Danville school is holding a special winter fundraiser this weekend. The fundraiser is to help the adventurous people who want to explore on a budget.


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Cabot Shuts Down Danville

danville indians soccerDANVILLE - The Danville Indians boys' soccer team lost against the Cabot Huskies in their ninth game of the season last night.

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Danville Fights For FALS

FALSDANVILLE - The town of Danville came together over the weekend to support a local family in a new way.

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Danville Boy's Soccer

danville soccerDANVILLE - The Danville boys’ soccer team lost their game against Bellows Free Academy Fairfax when they went head to head last night.

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Solar Savings

solarpanelDANVILLE- A meeting that was held in the town of Danville could save residents money in the future. Danville Residents were encouraged to attend last night's meeting to discuss the topic of solar energy.

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Who is Joe?

joes pondDANVILLE- The Ice Out is over and pond is thawing, but how did Joe's Pond get the name?

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Ice Out on the Horizon?

ice outDANVILLE - Residents in Danville are waiting to hear just one thing...when will the ice at Joe's pond give way? The Long winter season has created a thick ice bed and employee's of the Hastings store say it may lead to a new record.

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West Danville Man Will Plead Insanity

danvillestabberDANVILLE- The N.H. Attorney General's Office has agreed with a defense attorney that a West Danville man involved in a homicide case from January 2013, was insane at the time.

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Sidewalk Talk

sidewalk talkDANVILLE - Sidewalks have been the talk of the town of Danville lately. The Route Two expansion project made several changes to the roads and some sidewalks. Town official say that the sidewalk project may not be done just yet.

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Ice Out

joes pondDANVILLE- A tradition 26 years strong, the annual "Ice Out" contest out on Joe's Pond in West Danville will soon be coming to a close as contestants, as well as North East Kingdom residents, eagerly await the clock to stop ticking, signaling that spring is truly here.

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Danville Girls Basketball

danville girls basketballDANVILLE - Last night the Danville girls basketball team began their road to the championship with a 44 to 34 win. The higher seeded Indians got out to a fast start as fans from both Twinfield and Danville cheered their teams on.

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Danville Rescue Controversy

DanvillerescueDANVILLE- Danville residents recently learned that a new deal involving Danville rescue will have the first responders only working during the day.  The deal involves CALEX having E-M-T's respond from 10.5 miles away from St. Johnsbury. 

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Hasting's Unique Postmark

hastings unique postworkWEST DANVILLE - Hasting's General Store, one of the region's most unique stores in the area, is nearing their 100th anniversary. To celebrate, the town's post office is offering a special postmark to commemorate the anniversary.

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Dead North Haunted Maze

dead northDead North is finishing up it's preparations for it's scaring season, and is ready to open up once more this weekend, marking their 15th anniversary. The Danville haunted corn maze is one of the busiest in the area, with haunters returning annually from as far as Atlanta, Georgia.

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Danville Construction is Back at it Again

danville constructionDANVILLE -  The construction in Danville is approaching the final stage of the three year project. On Thursday Eric Foster the construction engineer said "We're redoing the center section here that we didn't get to last year so we're removing all the old sub-base and putting new stuff in."

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Rainville Scholarship

rainvilleDANVILLE-  The Trinstan Southworth Scholarship is awarded to the player who to a student/athlete who best mirrors the depth of character, commitment, loyalty and service to team, school, community and country.This year the award went to Danville High School senior Brady Rainville.

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Balancing Cakes and Kids

cakesDANVILLE- In today's economy some families around the Northeast Kingdom are having trouble making ends meet. For one family in Danville it has come down to raising a family and holding a steady job. Tarah Fontaine is a mother to two; Aubrey is four and Mason is two. Fontain is not only a stay at home mom, but a specialty cake baker.

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End of Trout Season

joes pondDANVILLE - Saturday and Sunday marked the last full weekend of trout season in Vermont which led most ice fisherman on Joe's Pond to give it one last try. With Saturday and Sundays high temperatures above 40 degrees, most like Curtis Farnsworth came out to pack up their shanty and head home " were here today to take the shanty off before the ice starts to get really wet and hard to drive on."

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Danville Increases School Budget

danville schoolDANVILLE - The  2013 Danville School budget will increase by 6.8 percent to from last years budget. This increase would raise the total budget to just under $5.6 million. The money will come from an increased tax rate of 9 cents for Danville residents.

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A Prom With a Motive

adultpromphotoDANVILLE- Danville high school held a non traditional high school prom this weekend.

The Danville High School held a unique "Senior Prom" fundraiser to raise money for their junior and senior prom this spring.

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Volunteers Complete New Home After Fire

Roy Family HomeDANVILLE - The community gathered Wednesday night to congratulate Blain and Diana Roy on the completion of their new home.

While attending a basketball game in February, the Roy's home burned to the ground with the family's pet dog still inside.

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Danville Man Faces Prison Time

kubisekDANVILLE - Michael Kubisek, 47, of Danville, was sentenced to three to eight years in prison on one felony count of aggravated assault assault against a vulnerable individual after attacking his seventy 75 year old mother with a cane in January.

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Residents Pleased With Route 2 Work

Danville RoadsDANVILLE - As roadwork on Route 2 in Danville continues, traffic that was once at a standstill is beginning to return to normal. And the improvements to the road have not gone unnoticed.

"It seems like it's been a long time, but we expected it to be longer," said Danville resident Marge Button.

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Visitors Get a Scare

dead northDANVILLE - Over the weekend many fearless visitors were in for a treat.

Hundreds of people hopped on tractors that brought them to a cornfield called Dead North for the last night of the four day event.

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Farmers Market Winding Down

danville marketDANVILLE - Farmers markets across the North East Kingdom are beginning to wind down. 

With only a few weeks left, residents are looking to get their last organic fix in. 

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