Season Ending Supper

gamesupperDANVILLE - A tradition that started in 1921, and brings people together from Danville and surrounding local towns in the Northeast Kingdom, lives on today.


The Danville Methodist Game Supper is the oldest in Vermont, and is always held exactly one week before Thanksgiving. The supper is being held at the United Methodist Church today where members of the community and beyond gather to enjoy the food they have hunted this season.

Dishes in tonight's Game Supper include venison, moose, bear, raccoon, beaver, rabbit, chicken, and wild turkey. Hunters and local farmers supply the meat for the supper.

Chief cook, Wayne Boyce has been a part of the supper since the 80's and said, "I've been doing this a very long time, and we've always had the support of the community."

Preparation for the event began four days ago, but everything came together this morning as members met up to make various meat pies. Last Saturday and Sunday, people involved in hosting the event prepared the meats to be cooked and made all the gravies for the pies.

Along with the the game, the supper also includes side dishes like potatoes and squashes, as well as homemade dessert pies and coffee.

Boyce says the Game Supper is a wonderful tradition, because it brings together different generations within the community.

"It's a lot different then going to McDonald's and getting a prepared hamburger... it's a great tradition, it's great to pass these methods of cooking and learning that we've learned through the years, and pass them to the next generation, as it was the generation that was cooking before me, and I hope there's a generation after me that continues it," he said.

The event has seatings at 5, 6, and 7 P.M tonight, with meals feeding about 100 people each.