Danville Climate Consensus

FRANCISDANVILLE - Students from The Danville School spent some time with a group called The Climate Consensus. The group of Atmospheric Science students from Lyndon State dedicates its time to teaching students around the region about our changing climate.  Danville students were able to learn about topics like the greenhouse effect, rising oceans, and more.

"I have never met one climate scientist who does not think that our planet is warming, and that humans are the cause," said Lyndon State College Assistant Professor, Dr. Janel Hanrahan; creator of The Climate Consensus.

Many of the middle school students had never heard of climate change, and those that did, were not able to grasp the effects it had on our environment. One Climate Consensus member, had even admitted to once being on the same boat himself.  "Ironically enough, I started off as a climate change skeptic," said Francis Tarasawitz.  But joining The Climate Consensus group changed his opinion.  "Basically when I reviewed the data, I had to agree."

The Climate Consensus group meets once a month, typically on Friday's, in Lyndon State College's Atmospheric Science's Wing. Their next trip will be this Saturday, where the group will head to Washington, D.C to participate in the National Climate March.