Check Mate

danville chessDANVILLE - It was a battle of patience and wit at the Danville Community Center as community members came to play in a chess tournament.

On Saturday, September 23, the Danville Open chess tournament took place at the Danville Community Center. Players of varying skill levels, including the player who is ranked second overall for his age group in the Czech Republic, who is also enrolled at Lyndon Institute, came for the chance to be the best.


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Danville Farmers Market

danville marketDANVILLE- Between the hours of two and five on Wednesday afternoons, the center of Danville transforms into a community farmers market.

Many vendors show up trying to sell fruits and vegetables and even handmade goods to anybody who happens to walk through the market.

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Staying Homegrown at the Danville School

downloadDANVILLE-  The Danville School has seen some good things this year, including a rise in enrollment. However, there is one issue with that enrollment. Some students that graduate eighth grade at the Danville School have chosen to go else where for high school. 

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Bad Weather Won't Stop Corn Maze

corn maze1psdDANVILLE- The Great Vermont Corn Maze has seen its fair share of tourists, families, and couples from all over New England and even from around the world.

Located on Wheelock Road off of Route 2 in Danville, the maze has been constructed in several different sizes, shapes, and has emulated many images in its almost two decades of existence.

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Danville Climate Consensus

FRANCISDANVILLE - Students from The Danville School spent some time with a group called The Climate Consensus. The group of Atmospheric Science students from Lyndon State dedicates its time to teaching students around the region about our changing climate.  Danville students were able to learn about topics like the greenhouse effect, rising oceans, and more.

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Joe's Pond Ice is Out


Ice OutDANVILLE - The Joe's Pond Ice-Out contest finally came to an end this weekend. Emily Wiggett, a North Danville resident, won the contest as her guess was a mere minute earlier than the actual time that the contest ended. Wiggett guessed the ice would be out on Sunday, April 23rd at 4:31 PM and the actual recorded time was 4:32 PM on Sunday

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Weather Woes for Danville Spring Sports

snowbaseballDanville - Spring sports season is officially here. However, a challenge of being in the NEK is that many schools and sports teams face the hard task of practicing and playing on their fields.

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Snow Gorillas in Danville

Snow GorillaYetiDANVILLE- Multiple Danville residents woke up Monday morning to find a frosty friend sitting on the front steps of many local businesses. That friend turned out to be an eighteen inch gorilla made of snow.

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S-Ski-Mo Spaghetti Dinner

SpaghettiDANVILLE-It's the time of year where many are out riding the snowmobile trails with friends and family. For one local snowmobile club, they decided to show their appreciation for the opportunity to ride over 70 miles of trails.

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A Happy Accident

FenoffDanville -  They say that the worst thing that can happen to an athlete is a career ending injury. But as are many things in life, some doors closing, open new ones that were never even given a second thought. For Riley Fenoff, a now 16 year old junior at Danville High School, the injury that ended one career, opened the door to an entirely new world. 


Fenoff was a motocross racer, until one day he took a terrible spill. “I shattered my shoulder in a motocross accident,” explains Fenoff. Fenoff knew the risks that came along with such an intense sport, but it was something that ran in the family. His father was also a motocross racer when he was younger. Although Fenoff was determined to get back on the

bike, he had no idea just where his life was about to go. 



Riley explain that “you have to be very strong to race motocross.” With a busted up shoulder, he was determined to get it back up to strength and in order to do so he started his physical training. Running was a big part of Riley’s PT, as it kept him in shape. He decided to run a road race in Danville to keep him on track with his PT and found he had a natural talent for running. Fenoff wasn't the only one who took notice. The head of the rec. program, Joe Fox, had been beaten by Riley and decided to recruit him to the middle school track team. The running did help Riley’s shoulder recover and he would finish the motocross season with a championship, but it would be his last season ever, as running became his new found passion. 


When Fenoff moved up to high school, he was hit with a new problem. Danville high school did not have a cross country team. Continuing with his no quit attitude, Fenoff didn't let that stop him. He is now an independent runner for Danville. “I started running in high school with my father as my coach,” Fenoff explains, and his father had no cross country of track background. “I trained myself for awhile, then Chip Langmaid let me train with his team from St. J.” 


The move to train with a competing school was a new experience for Fenoff. “Initially I was completely out of place and had no idea what to do, so I kept quiet and I would run like I have always done. Then, my now friends, were like, wow he’s pretty quick for a freshman. I made more friends, and gained their respect by my will to win and to strive to be the best.” With the coaches having the idea of the combined training sessions, it was understandable that the coaches would be more accepting than the St. J runners at first. “Chip Langmaid and Mr. Kennedy were more than accommodating, but I had to earn my place with others and I was kind of seen as an enemy, but they started to warm up to me,” Fenoff explains. With Fenoff’s continued display of perseverance, he pushed through and stuck with this new form of training. “Now I’m basically part of their team.” 


Accepting Riley at practice was an easy enough task for the St. J team. A helping factor was who Riley strives to be everyday. “Riley is a great athlete and even better a great kid,” explains St. Johnsbury coach Chip Langmaid. After being accepted by his new team at practices, Riley now faced a more difficult task, competing against his new found teammates during meets. 


“I do race against them almost every time,” explains Fenoff. For any athlete, it is hard to not view an opposing uniform as the enemy, but Riley and the St. J team have a different situation than normal. With a few meets of growing pains, Riley was eventually seen as a teammate during the meets, even if he was wearing different colors. “At first is wasn't quite that way, but now it is very much that way,” said Fenoff. 


Fenoff found that with his new team, it has become much easier to train. Having the coach and his fellow teammates helps him push his limits in ways that were more difficult when he was training on his own and it can be seen on the course. “I just broke my personal record by 30 seconds and I’m going to be the athlete of the week for the Caledonia Record,” said Fenoff. 


Riley has gone through both physical pain, and uncomfortable situation, but they have made him stronger, and they opened new doors for him. “I never thought I would be running track or cross country,” Fenoff said. Looking back on the injury that lead him to his new found success, Fenoff says that “it was probably the best thing that could have happened.”        

Corn Maze Expansion

CornMazeExpansionNORTH DANVILLE - The largest corn maze in New England just got bigger.

“Looking at the land we had and the way it could go,” said owner Mike Boudreau,  “we ended up going from ten acres to 24 acres… which did not make my kids happy, because they helped us build it.

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Future Solar Project Given Neutrality

solarfarmDANVILLE- The Danville selectboard is taking a neutral stance on a local solar panel project after a meeting Thursday night was met with aggression. The controversial topic wasn’t on the agenda; Scott and Joni Palmer had to be written in as the meeting started.

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Haunted Corn Maze Nationally Recognized

deadnorthhDANVILLE - Dead North at the Great Vermont Corn Maze have been giving people thrills for the past fifteen years and this year, they received even more recognition. 

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Solar Panel Controversy

SOLAR THUMBDANVILLE- Scott and Joni Palmer of Danville were approached by a man who introduced himself as someone who is starting a solar company. The man asked Joni how she feels about installing a solar farm on their property.

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Vermonter Reclaims Ice-Out Contest

joespondDANVILLE- The 2016 Ice-Out Contest on Joe’s Pond has come an end, as a local resident will bring home about $5,000 in winnings. University of Vermont Student Pamela Swift of Barre, Vermont casted the winning ticket, as the clock stopped at 5:04 pm on Tuesday, April 12.

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Hand-Painted Artwork

Artwork by LisaLocal artist, Lisa Smith, is working on expanding the audience of her work. And at this time she is making that goal into a reality. Smith started her career as an artist by going to a local crafts show with her grandmother about 19 years ago. She now continues the trend which started years ago.

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Danville to Update Town Plan

danvillemeetingDANVILLE- The process of quinquennially updating Danville’s Town Plan has officially begun. Danville’s Planning Commission met last night to discuss potential changes to be further looked into. Every five years, the state of Vermont requires all towns to meet and update their Town Plan. This gives towns the ability to follow plans specific to the needs of the town.

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Joe's Pond Ice-out

joes pondDANVILLE- As spring is fast approaching one of the NEKs most known events could find a winner very soon. The Joes Pond Ice-out competition continues this year after last year selling more then 15 hundred tickets.

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Ghouls, Ghosts, Graves, Oh My!

DeadNorthDanville- The Great Vermont Corn Maze is a unique Vermont experience that people from all over the country come to enjoy.  This maze only gets more unique, and scarier, around Halloween, when the maze turns into Dead North.

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Saving the Goat Industry

vtchevonDanville - Goat meat, the healthiest meat on the market is causing increasing problems for the Vermont Goat Dairy Industry.  Shirley Richardson, the managing partner at Vermont Chevon believes she has a solution to this problem.

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Joe's Pond Ice Out

joes pond thumbnailDANVILLE-- One of the biggest competitions in this area came to an end this week and now all that is left is to find the winner. The annual event has people predict when the ice officially melts on the pond.

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Former Principal Pleads Not Guilty

ed webbleyDANVILLE- After two months of waiting, Edwin Webbley went to court today for his arraignment involving the embezzlement of $1,500 from the Danville School.

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Post Office Named After Historical Figure

post officeDANVILLE- Thaddeus Stevens, a well-known name around the Northeastern part of Vermont, is getting his name plastered even more. There was a Thaddeus Stevens Road, as well as the Thaddeus Stevens school... and now there's a Thaddeus Stevens Post Office. The Danville Post Office was re-named over the weekend to honor the historical figure.

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Love Wins

MelissaJenkinsDANVILLE- Today marks three years since St. Johnsbury Academy teacher Melissa Jenkins was murdered. With the tragedy fresh in their minds, those who remember Jenkins are honoring her today by wearing pink; her favorite color.


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Danville Losing Students?

DANVILLE- Retention rates among public high schools around the Northeast Kingdom have been a problem in recent years. Danville is just one of the many schools feeling the pressure from competing schools like St. Johnsbury Academy and Lyndon Institute.

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