Rail Trail Continues to Grow

lvrtDANVILLE- The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Committee met for the first time in Danville last night to discuss a management plan to complete the LVRT. The committee has had their fair share of challenges, and they are finally getting the last portion of the trail underway.


"There's been a management plan that we've had to continue to update," said Vice Chair of LVRT Zeke Zucker. "We've been going through the motions because up until now, there's been nothing to maintain."

The St. Johnsbury to West Danville section of the project in roughly seventy-five percent complete. Once finished, Zucker says it's going to give the local economy a huge boost.

"This is the type of thing that locals are going to want to use," he said. "It's also going to bring tourists to the area."

Tom Seymour, a bike mechanic at Rollickers Bikes and Boards, agreed.

"To have that as a destination for people from out of the area to come to and visit and stay at our hotels, shop at our businesses, eat at our restaurants is incredible," he said. I think it's very important for our community."

The trail will offer snowmobiling, biking, snowshoeing and many other wonderful outdoor activities. Many are hopeful that the St. Johnsbury to West Danville part of the LVRT will to be complete by this spring.