Snow Gorillas in Danville

Snow GorillaYetiDANVILLE- Multiple Danville residents woke up Monday morning to find a frosty friend sitting on the front steps of many local businesses. That friend turned out to be an eighteen inch gorilla made of snow.


"So I came into open this morning and I went to unlock the door, and there were footprints leading up to the door, and went to grab the newspaper and there's this little snowman right there but it's really a gorilla; and it's really cute, but I don't know who dropped it off," said Kelsey Gilman, who works at Bentley's Bakery in town.

Bentley's Bakery found the work of art so charming that they gave the gorilla a hat, scarf, and even some coffee to keep their new snowy friend warm in the cold morning temperatures.

"The gorilla appeared this morning as I was walking across the porch.  I realized I saw this structure and I looked at it and thought, 'wow somebody was creative'," said a Marty's store employee.

As it turned out, the gorilla was actually a yeti, and was made from a mold which is sold at many L.L.Bean stores.

It is still unknown who the the creator or creators of these snowy masterpieces are and what inspired them to place them around town.