Corrette Steps Down


ST.JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury School Board director, Bruce Corrette, will be retiring from his position after twenty-three years of service split between two terms.

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NVRH's New Machine

nvrhmachineST. JOHNSBURY - Northeast Vermont Regional Hospital is currently using a new machine to combat the spread of infections. The machine, called the Sanosil Disinfectant has been in the hospital for two weeks now.

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The Fourteenth Star Shines Bright

latin motto ST. JOHNSBURY- "Stella Quarta Decima Fulgeat," or "The Fourteenth Star Shines Bright," may soon be the official Latin motto for the Green Mountain State. This comes after Angela Kubicke, a ninth grader from St. Johnsbury Academy proposed the idea of Vermont adopting a Latin motto.

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Costly Water Projects Ahead

Water Pipe ThumnST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Select Board discussed ways to fund two town water projects that will cost the town two million dollars. The St. Johnsbury Wastewater Treatment Plant is at risk of a sewage overflow if two water screw pumps are not replaced.

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International Athletic Interest Grows

international gamejpgST. JOHNSBURY- Several St.Johnsbury Academy students have a sports opportunity that wasn't available in previous years. This years outcome proved that the interest rate in this program is on the rise. 

St. J School Board Meets

st. j schoolboardST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury school board met last night, with the main topic focusing around the school budget that is proposed for this year. Multiple residents were present at the meeting to have their voices heard on topics that seemed to be of issue to them.

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Racing to the Finish

st j photo

ST. JOHNSBURY- After claiming their first ever Division One state title, the St. Johnsbury Academy Girls Indoor Track team is confident in their ability to finish the season strong at the New England Championships.

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One Step Closer

prue picST. JOHNSBURY - After a long morning in Caledonia District County Court you could hear the town of St. Johnsbury, in unison, exhale and release a sigh of relief.

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Together Works Grant

together worksST. JOHNSBURY- The town of Saint Johnsbury recieved a $1,275 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation. 

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Select Board Meeting

st. j selectST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Select Board met last night for their bi-weekly meeting. The board discussed a wide variety of topics that will be of importance in the coming months. The board put a lot of focus on this year's town budget.

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L.I. vs. SJA Rivalry Revisited


white room challegeST. JOHNSBURY - For the second year in a row, Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy squared off in the Annual White Room Challenge. 



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School Break-In

burglaryST. JOHNSBURY - Good Shepherd Catholic School, on Maple Street in St. Johnsbury was broken into over the weekend. The suspect or suspects have not yet been found. 


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St. Johnsbury Water Treatment

st j water pumpST. JOHNSBURY - Saint Johnsbury residents will be voting on Town Meeting Day about receiving two bonds to replace the old water pumps and the Moose River water main.


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Pre-K Pushes Forward

pre-kST. JOHNSBURY - Universal Pre-Kindergarten won't be mandated in schools until July 1st of 2016, but the state is giving schools the option of implementing it now.

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St. J Needs the Money

welcometost.jayST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is looking for the $401,000 that people owe in deliquent taxes.


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Gifts for our Troops

vtsupports finalSt. Johnsbury - Dozens of volunteers gathered at the Elk's Club in St. Johnsbury to help send a little holiday spirit to soldiers serving over season.

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Preventing a Tragic Christmas

xmastreeeST.JOHNSBURY- A true mark of the holiday season is a big beautiful Balsam fir but unfortunately with such great beauty comes possible danger. One in every forty house fires where a christmas tree is involved results in death. This season there are a few key things you should do to ensure your family and Christmas tree's safety.

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A Fresh Start Atop the Hill

hockeyST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers kicked off their ice hockey season last night, and they are under the guidance of a new head coach.

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Small Business Saturday

screen shot 2014-12-02 at 4.30.23 pmSt.Johnsbury - Compared to the crazy Black Friday, local businesses in Northeastern Kingdom focused more on Small Business Saturday to get more profits, which was set up in 2010. The Small Business Saturday sits between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the results aren't too shabby.

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Another Step Towards Going Green

electric chargingST. JOHNSBURY - The town of St. Johnsbury is now providing parking spaces that are specifically designed for electric cars. The four spaces are part of two charging stations located in town.

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Bona Requests Mistrial

bonaroooST. JOHNSBURY- Bruce Bona is asking the state for a mistrial to be declared in his animal cruelty case. Bona was recently found guilty on 17 of 21 counts of animal cruelty against horses from his ranch.

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Bona Found Guilty

Bruce BonaST. JOHNSBURY - After a turbulent nine months, Bruce Bona has been found guilty on seventeen counts of animal cruelty towards his family’s horses.


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Bona Trial Begins

bonaST. JOHNSBURY - Bruce Bona appeared in Caledonia County court today to defend himself against the twenty-one charges of animal cruelty from the state.

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Principal Talks Common Core

common core blackST. JOHNSBURY — It is the first year that Common Core assessment will be implemented in schools nationwide. Common Core is a set of clear college- and career- ready standards for K-12 in English language arts, Literacy and Mathematics, which is designed to ensure that students are well-prepared and get ready for the two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

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Paul Sweeney Coat Drive

coatdrive finalSt. Johnsbury - With the first accumulated snow of the season, staying warm is a struggle for the less fortunate. This Saturday marked the 12th annual Paul Sweeney Coat Drive.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Saint Johnbury Court Case

We sent out reporters to cover the case of Patrick Hunter, who appeared in court today for a case of sexual assault on a minor.


Danville Superintendent

The Danville School has answered the the call by residents for a new superintendent, and she is busy acclimating to her new position.


Vermont Restaurants and New Hampshire law

A new law was passed in the state of New Hampshire pressing restaurants to not provide straws for customers unless specifically asked to do so. A few Vermont restaurants have already taken to this practice without a law in place.