Bona Set to Start Sentence


bonaLYNDON – After losing an appeal filed with the Vermont Supreme Court, Lyndon resident Bruce Bona will be headed to prison on Friday following his conviction of 17 counts of animal cruelty. Back in February 2014, police removed horses from Bona’s property, citing malnourishment and neglect. After being found guilty in November of that year, Bona, representing himself, took his case to the State Supreme Court citing wrongdoings by the state prosecution.

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Trick or Treat...No, Trunk!

trick or trunkLYNDON – Usually when one thinks of Halloween, little kids approaching your door saying, “Trick-or-treat!” is one of the first things to pop into your mind. However, Lyndon residents had a different approach to this tradition than others.

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Amy Bean: Cutting Down Hunger

beanLYNDON- Amy Bean is the owner of a hair salon in Lyndonville; Shear Sensations. But cutting hair is not all that Bean does for the community, she also helps those in need.

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Vermont Drones

LYNDON – Drones were flying through the Lyndonville sky this past weekend because of a visit from Vermont Drones. The public had a chance to get up close with a drone and learn all about the advancing technology.

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Sled Hockey in the NEK

sled hockey thumbLYNDON – Winter is fast approaching, and with a new season, comes new sports. One activity Lyndon citizens participated in over the weekend was not merely the standard hockey game or sledding trip, but a unique combination of the two, sled hockey.

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Cold Weather Brings the Parking Ban

ParkingBanLYNDON - As the cold weather draws closer and the possibility of snow is just around the corner, the town of Lyndon would like to remind people of the winter parking ban.  The parking ban goes into effect November 1st and this year the town is taking extra time to promote awareness so that citizens are prepared.

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Lyndon's Leaky Roof

lyndon LYNDON- The town of Lyndon has agreed to repairs on the roof of the Town Hall. Plans are now being looked at to permanently fix the leaky roof. The repairs are estimated to cost about $2,500 out of the towns budget, but officials will be evaluating three different quotes.

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Recount Gives Lyndon New Town Garage

LyndonGarageFinalLYNDON – Following a recount last night by the town’s Board of Civil Authority, the October 8th vote for a combined garage for Lyndonville and the Town of Lyndon still stands.

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Vikings vs. Hilltoppers Kick Off

LI vs St. JLYNDON - A historic rivalry was in full swing Saturday on the Robert K. Lewis field for the annual St. Johnsbury-Lyndon Institute football faceoff. It was a blowout in favor of the Hilltoppers over the Vikings, 64-0. However, for many, it is not about the score. 

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Staying warm for a night

homeless thumbLYNDON - While the temperatures may be dropping, the number of homeless people in the area without shelter is increasing.

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The Wall of Honor

veteransLYNDON – Added to Victory Media's 2014 Military Friendly schools list as one of the top 20 percent of colleges embracing the education of this nations veterans, Lyndon State College is set to complete it's third phase of the Veterans Memorial Park.

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Rural Edge Yard Sale

rural edgeLYNDON - Rural Edge of Lyndonville hosted their annual yard sale on Saturday.The unique fund raising attempt was in efforts fo raise money, with the hopes of expanding the community garden.

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Lyndon Institute Multicultural Festival

multicultural festivalLyndon – Northeast Kingdom residents had the opportunity to visit twenty different cultures from all over the globe right in their own town of Lyndon this past Sunday. Thanks to Lyndon Institute’s Multicultural Festival, students educated the public on various countries’ customs and lifestyles; using ethnic clothing, food, and games to keep the learning fun.

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Scarecrow Theft

ScarecrowTheftLYNDONVILLE – 14 scarecrows were placed around Lyndonville this past Monday in celebration of the fall season. The project brings together donations of clothing from people all over town who wish to help dress the town up before winter returns. The project, however, has faced some fiery opposition over the past few nights.

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Looking for Unlicensed Dogs

puppyLYNDON - The search is on for pet owners who have not yet licensed their four-legged friends this year. The town select board, along with the Lyndonville Police Department and animal control are working to seek out all unlicensed dogs.

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H.O.P.E's Helping Hand

HOPE FOSTER CARELYNDONVILLE- One local business in Lyndonville gives a helping hand to children and families in need, year round. May is Foster Awareness month and H.O.P.E is doing all they can to make sure children have the proper attire needed.

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Warm Heart and Home

Foster AwarenessLYNDONVILLE- May is Foster Care Awareness Month, but for Barb Hash, foster care awareness has been a priority of her’s everyday for decades. In the past twenty-seven years, Hash has been adopting and foster children.

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Lyndonville Unsung Hero

charlie forrestLYNDON – Sometimes there is a lot more to a person than most people see, and that is exactly what Charlie Forrest is. The Lyndon State Public Saftey Officer has had ties to the Northeast Kingdom all of his life.

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Renovations to Come to Darling Inn

darling innLYNDON-The Darling Inn Apartments are ready to go under renovations in June. Renovations are going to cost about five million dollars and are being funded through both public donors such as Union Bank, and National Community Bank, along with private donors.

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H.O.P.E Receives Colorful Help

colorrunthumbnailLYNDON - The second annual H.O.P.E. Color Run kicked off this Saturday in Lyndon and raised over a record amount of money in the process.

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Three Teens Walk Away

two car crashLYNDONVILLE- Three teens were involved in a crash shortly after 6 PM on April 22nd that left one teen with minor injuries.

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Taking the Trash Out

lyndon trash2LYNDON- A new trash collection company will now provide services for Lyndon. The decision came after the debate of whether they should switch companies. Last night, the Lyndon Selectboard met with the public to discuss the proposal.

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Community National Bank Closing Two Branches

community ntl bankLYNDONVILLE- Community National Bank announced today that it would be closing two branches in the area on July 17th.

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A Princess for a Night

hope2LYNDON-- In just a few short months the most important time in any high school girls life will take place, prom. And at one local business in Lyndonville they have tons of options for those girls to choose from.


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Lyndon Institute Dress Code Style

l.i1LYNDON--- Every school has a dress code that the students must follow, and Lyndon Institute is no exception.


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