Cobleigh Library Revival

 colbeee libraryLYNDON- The Cobleigh library used to be filled with young ones learning and reading in the childrens room. Due to flooding the childrens room was close, but will soon be making a come back. 

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Vikings End Three Year Losing Streak


soccer winLYNDON- The Lyndon Institute Vikings beat the Randolph Galloping Ghosts on Wednesday 3-2, for their first win on the season. Not only was it their first win of the season, but their first win in three seasons.

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PB&J Challenge

peanut butter jelly challengeLYNDON – Northern Vermont Physical Therapy and Shear Sensations are once again at the head of a fundraiser for a great cause. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Challenge started off the beginning of October, lending a helping hand to children in need, yesterday.

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Local Company Redesigned Under New CEO

bagbalmLYNDONVILLE - A long-standing business in downtown Lyndonville is making a change. The Dairy Association Company, known for making the iconic Bag Balm, has a new name.

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New Insurance for Dairy Farmers

CowwwwwwwLYNDON - As Vermont dairy farmers costs continue to rise, new financial programs are being offered by the US department of agriculture.

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LI Honor Student Receives Scholarship Award

li winner thumbLYNDON - Lizzy Vinton, president of LI's French Club, and class secretary has been awarded a full ride scholarship.

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Milne in Lyndonville

milneLYNDONVILLE - Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott Milne was in Lyndonville today, answering questions about his campaign platform and race against incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin.

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Ready Set Roll

derbyLYNDONVILLE - The Fenton Chester Arena hosted a Roller Derby event this past Saturday. The competition brought in skaters and fans from all over. 

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Hunger Awareness in the NEK

food shelfLYNDONVILLE - September is Hunger Action month, a campaign to bring attention to hunger in America. One local organization that sees that issue firsthand is the Lyndon Area Food Shelf.

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Loss for LI Football

V-LI FOOTBALLLYNDON- The Lyndon Institute Vikings took the loss against the Milton Yellowjackets on Saturday.

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New LI Headmaster

ThumbnailTemplate copy copyLYNDON - Over the weekend, Daren Houck offically became Lyndon Institute's ninteenth headmaster.

The former headmaster at Lyndon Institute, Rick Hilton had offically retired in June, which meant that the Vikings had to fill a cruical role in their education system. 

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Headmaster Houck

newliheadmasterLYNDON - If you have spent any time on Lyndon Institute's campus this school year, you may have noticed a new face leading the charge. The school has a new headmaster this fall.

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LI VS. Lamoille

LI vs LamoilleLYNDON-Lyndon Institute lost to Lamoille Vally on Saturday. It was only their second lost, but they have still yet to win a game.

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Lyndon Police Auctions Cruiser

cruiser finalLYNDONVILLE - The town of Lyndon is auctioning off one of their police cruisers by sealed bid.

The 2006 Dodge Magnum has over one-hundred and twenty-four thousand miles on it, which is one of the reasons why the police department is retiring the car.

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The Life of a Veteran

hojek.jpgLYNDON - The transition in life of a veteran is a very hard one after coming back to society. Some people can not adjust to life at home after seeing the life of war.

One local who served overseas is John Hojek. Hojek has decided to come back to school after serving in the Iraq war.

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Random Act of Kindness

hopeLYNDONVILLE- It is never too soon to start thinking about ways to help other people. A 7-year-old girl named Elise Guzman, along with her friends, decided to contribute to Helping Other People Everyday.

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Animal Cruelty Update

Bona updateLYNDON- Bruce Bona, of Lyndonville, was in Caledonia Superior Court Tuesday morning where he pled not guilty to twenty-one counts of animal cruelty and all misdemeanor charges. Bona was given a 24 hour delay from Monday, to better prepare himself for Tuesday's court apperance.

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Lyndon Schools Adjusts to Education Standards

Lyndon leaderLYNDON- Lyndon Town School held a school board meeting last night with a few guests. Math Interventionists, Delia Lefebrev and Kathy Nichols were there to explain to the board how they are helping teachers work through new standards of teaching.

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Ranch Owner Faces 21 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

BruceBonaLYNDONVILLE - A Northeast Kingdom ranch owner who police say failed to properly care for nearly two dozen horses told a Caledonia judge Monday that he is facing many more charges than he expected.

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Culinary with a Side of Culture

taylor stageLYNDONVILLE -After a lifetime of traveling the world, 31-year-old Taylor Peyton now calls the Northeast Kingdom home. Taylor was born and raised in Sacramento, California, and has always had a passion for cooking.

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New Sport Soaring with Popularity

ultimateLYNDONVILLE - Many local athletes are associated with the everyday sports we are accustomed to watching on TV. Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer might be the first sports that come to the mind of the average enthusiast, but in the Northeast Kingdom, ultimate frisbee is on the rise.

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A Slow Season For Volunteering

dogpoundthumbnailLYNDON - Most people would be upset that it's been a "slow season" for their business. However, for one local organization, having a "slow season" is a good thing.

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802 Quits

802 quitLYNDON- Vermont is ranked eleventh in the country for highest number of smokers, with 19% of residents having the habit. The decision to quit may be tough but a local program called 802 Quits is there to help residents deal with the struggle.

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Welcoming Fish to the Waterways

fishLYNDON- Fishing season has finally come and that means it's time to stock streams and rivers. The Bald Fish Hatchery worked hard today in an annual event of stocking waterways with fish.

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Making Time to Volunteer

liLYNDON- Volunteering requires devotion and dedication. Miranda Martin, a Senior at Lyndon Institute, finds a way to set aside time to help her community, all while juggling classes, homework, and the "typical" teenage life. This busy student has recently been recognized for her devotion.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Lyndon Town Meeting Day Preview

Find out what will be voted on and what issues are being focused on in the town of Lyndon.  

Pricey Potholes  

Rapid temperature change has caused potholes to emerge on the roads. Towns spend thousands of dollars per year filling potholes and it's hard to avoid them.  

Wow, Jacky Lau!

LI senior basketball player, Jacky Lau scored his 1000th point becoming the sixth member of LI's 1000 point club. Find out more details about the game on tonight's broadcast.