Community National Bank Closing Two Branches

community ntl bankLYNDONVILLE- Community National Bank announced today that it would be closing two branches in the area on July 17th.

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A Princess for a Night

hope2LYNDON-- In just a few short months the most important time in any high school girls life will take place, prom. And at one local business in Lyndonville they have tons of options for those girls to choose from.


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Lyndon Institute Dress Code Style

l.i1LYNDON--- Every school has a dress code that the students must follow, and Lyndon Institute is no exception.


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Lyndon's Want for Bike Lanes

bikelanesLYNDON- Currently, the Vermont Agency of Transportation is working on improving the roads on U.S. Route 5 in Lyndonville, but residents believe the roadway could use more than just the proposed sidewalks and paving.

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Carry it in, Carry it Out

Lyndon TrashLYNDON- 15 trash cans from around the sidewalks of Lyndonville will stay in winter storage due to the new recycling law that has been put into effect. The law states that for every trash can there must be a recycling bin beside it.

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A Winter With H.O.P.E

hopeLYNDONVILLE - Many local businesses are still feeling the affects from one of the worst winters in recent memory. Helping Other People Everyday, also known as HOPE, is one of the local businesses still feeling the impact.

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Humane Societies get Restitution

HorseCrueltyLYNDON- Judge Robert Bent has ordered Bruce Bona to pay $22,302 in restitution to three different humane societies for temporary housing 21 horses after police seized them from the Bona Ranch back in March 2014. 

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Lyndon Garage Moving?

town garageLYNDON - The town of Lyndon is looking to purchase the Vermont Flex building and transform it into a new garage for highway crews.


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Students Select Their Future's

vsacLYNDON - The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, or VSAC brought their 14th annual College Pathways Fair to Lyndon State College Last Night. Students from around northern Vermont and New Hampshire came out to visit recruiters from schools from all over the country.

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Caring Corcoran

corcoranLYNDON- Julianne Corcoran, a sophomore at Lyndon State College, has actively been involved in serving the community since her arrival in Fall 2013. The Connecticut native is currently the President of Lyndon's Society of Students in Service Together. The club is also called ASSIST.

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Benefiting the Community

wildflower innLYNDONVILLE - The Wildflower Inn helped bring the Lyndon Community closer together last night with a benefit dinner for a 5-year-old leukemia patient. This benefit was a part of the Inn’s “Thankful Thursdays” which are benefit dinners put on to help give back to the community.

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Ride Along Rescue

lyndon rescuepsdLYNDON- Some organizations are required to request money through the form of appropriations in order to operate, and Lyndon Rescue is one of them.   Though many people don't know exactly what they do, and how they do it, they still have a profound impact on the community. 

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We're Not in Kansas Anymore

PlayWeekLYNDONVILLE- Riverside School in Lyndonville is getting ready to put on their ninth annual school play, but there is something different abut this school's play than most; it is completely student run.

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LSC Stings Five Staff

lscLYNDONVILLE- Five staff members of Lyndon State College have just learned that they are being laid off in result of the current budget deficit the college is facing. The $3.1 million budget deficit amounts to 10% of the college's yearly operating budget.

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Hockey for Horan

hockeyLYNDONVILLE- What started out as a school project soon was turned into a reality thanks to student Jason Pelkey. The Fenton Chester Arena hosted their first annual Ed Horan Memorial Hockey Tournament to pay tribute to one of the leaders of both the hockey and college community.

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Veterans Gather at Summit

veterans summitLYNDON - The 3rd annual Veterans summit at Lyndon State College was a huge success as it attracted veterans from our back yards and beyond to congregate with other veterans and to listen seminars about how to deal with issues that some may face.

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Technology In The Classroom

technology in schools3LYNDON-- It was only 10 years ago when students had to take a computer class to learn how to use technology. Now schools are incorporating technology into all of their classes.

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Changes in Curbside Pick-Up

lyndon select

LYNDON- The Lyndon Select Board met last night to discuss their stance on the new Universal Recycling Law and curbside trash pick up.

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Trouble In Mind

trouble in mind2LYNDON-- Although February is over, the idea of Black History Month is still on the peoples' minds. At Lyndon State College, the Twilight players and Lyndon Fair Club came together to put on a stage reading called "Trouble In Mind" last night.


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Defending Champs Fall

boys semisLYNDON- The Lyndon Institute boy's basketball team was denied their chance for a repeat at the hands of the Enosburg Hornets.


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Lyndon Eager to Adopt Recycling Law

Recycling ThumbLYNDON - A new law heading to Vermont this summer created quite the discussion at the Lyndon Town School for this year's town meeting.

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Maple Syrup Season

syrup2LYNDON-- Maple syrup season, otherwise known as sugaring season, already has some farms working hard. The season starts at the end of February going until April when the weather is cold at night but warmer during the day.

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Sen. Sanders Goes to College

bernie sanders lscLYNDON - Vermont State Senator Bernie Sanders (I) came to town today. Lyndon State College scheduled a "Town Hall Meeting" to talk to students about issues throughout the state and the direction that Vermont is going in.

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Turf Transformation

new turf

LYNDON - The Fenton Chester Arena in Lyndonville is looking to become a year-round facilty. This May, the rink will undergo a 20-thousand dollar renovation which includes sythetic turf.

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Firefighters Asking Residents to Shovel Out Hydrants

fire hydrantLYNDONVILLE - The Northeast Kingdom has seen over two feet of snow within the last two months. This has been causing some problems for the Lyndonville Fire Department, who is asking residents to help dig out their fire hydrants.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Lyndon Town Meeting Day Preview

Find out what will be voted on and what issues are being focused on in the town of Lyndon.  

Pricey Potholes  

Rapid temperature change has caused potholes to emerge on the roads. Towns spend thousands of dollars per year filling potholes and it's hard to avoid them.  

Wow, Jacky Lau!

LI senior basketball player, Jacky Lau scored his 1000th point becoming the sixth member of LI's 1000 point club. Find out more details about the game on tonight's broadcast.