Solar Panels

solar panelsLYNDONVILLE - Green Lantern development, the company behind the proposed solar panel project in Lyndonville, clarified some data about solar energy costs.

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Barn Fire Update

barn fire updateLYNDON- After a barn caught on fire yesterday on Vail Drive in Lyndon, Officials have stated that they will not be investigating into the cause of the fire.

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Structure Fire, Total Loss

FIRELYNDONVILLE- Lyndonville Fire and Rescue responded to a structure fire this morning around 9AM. A barn located on Vail Drive burned for over an hour before crews were finally able to put the flames out.

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Riverside Silent Auction

riverside auctionLYNDON - Over the weekend, the Riverside School held their annual benefit auction. This is the 15th annual auction the school is holding and it's used as a fundraiser to enhance some of the programs at the school. 

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Railroad Work Leads to Damage

POT HOELYNDON- Drivers are reporting blown tires and bent wheels due to the construction of the railroad track on Broad Street in Lyndon. The project was supposed to be finished in the Summer, when the paving was being done, but was delayed due to the certain type of rail not being avialable.

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LI Wins Nail Biter in OT

WHENISAYLYNDONUSAYVIKINGSLYNDON- The Lyndon Institute Vikings took on the Lake Region Falcons in LI's home opener. This was the first game for new head coach Phil Joyal at LI's court, as well as the first home game for three freshman on the varsity squad; and what a memorable first home game it was.

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Staying Fit and Keeping Healthy

staying fit and keeping healthyLYNDON - With a new year, comes New Year's resolutions. A lot of those resolutions involve getting fit, keeping active, and maintaining good health. What better way to do this than to start a workout plan? 

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Saving the Enviroment by Recycling

Fisher_Waste.jpgLYNDONVILLE- Everyday landfills across the country become more full because not everyone knows how to recycle hazardous waste. The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management has some advice for those people.

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Out With the Old And In With the New At Riverside

barnLYNDON VT-The Riverside school has spent the last twenty month finding fin ace support for their newly reconstructed  barn, last night they called that campaign to a close.

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North Pole Express, Huge Success

frieghthouseLYNDONVILLE- The North Pole Express is ready to provide another year of Chirstmas magic for the Northeast Kingdom. The Freighthouse in Lyndonville started this magical train ride nine years ago as a fall foliage train ride, but switched gears and turned into a Christmas experience that now hundreds attend.

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Social Media -- the New Vote

thumbnailtemplate copyLYNDONVILLE - One State Senator has gone to social media to help him decide who to vote for, for Governor in January.



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After-School Program in Lyndon

After_school_programing_2.jpgLYNDON - The after-school program at the Lyndon Town School has about 160 students. The program runs Monday-through-Thursday from 2:45 P.M. to about 5:15 P.M. and is available for any student from kindergarten to the eighth grade.

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The Race to Ohio

scheibenpflugLYNDON - A local collegiate runner is headed to the Division-III National Championship this weekend, but the road there wasn't an easy one. 

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Deer Rifle Season

Hunting_season.jpgLYNDON- The 2014 deer rifle season started off with a quick bang. 

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Locals Celebrate Adoption Month

familyLYNDONVILLE- November is National Adoption Month here in the United States.

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Lyndon Holiday Shoppe Opening

holiday shoppeLYNDON- The Lyndon Holiday Shoppe will be opening its doors for its fourth year of business this weekend, but at yet another new location.


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Parking Ban Takes Effect

parking effectLyndonville -- The annual parking ban in Lyndonville went into affect on November 1st and will continue on until April 15th. This puts a ban on parking on all the streets within the village during midnight until 7 a.m., unless special arrangements for parking are made with the Village Superintendent. Violator's vehicles will be towed away at owner's expense.


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Lyndonville Power Off

poleLYNDONVILLE-- Lyndonville power has been restored after a car accident took place early Saturday morning.


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LI Welcomes New Basketball Coach

joyalfinalLYNDONVILLE- After their first championship in 104 years of basketball at Lyndon Institute, head coach, Pat Guckin decided to step down from his position to spend more time with his family. This opened the door for new head coach, Phil Joyal.

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Kingdom Challenge

KingdomChallangeLYNDONVILLE -The seventh annual kingdom challenge concluded this weekend. The challenge offers a 5K, a half marathon, and a half marathon relay. The 5k is a challenging three mile race that runs through typical Vermont terrain.

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Hunger Bowl

flag football finalLyndon- The second annual Hunger Bowl Flag Football game took place over the weekend at Lyndon Town School.  

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Roof Reconstruction

roofLYNDONVILLE - The Lyndonville Municipal building is in the beginning stages of some construction. The town has been anticipating the need for it, and have been preparing to take on the project. 

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Lyndon Youth Hockey

youthhockeypictureLYNDON- The first offical Lyndon Area Youth Hockey Association practice took place last night at the Fenton Chester Arena.

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Fenton Chester on Thin Ice

fenton chesterLYNDONVILLE-This October has been uncommonly warm compared to last years temperature and owners of the Fenton Chester skating arena in a bit of a bind.

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Lyndon Institute Grant

tomatoLYNDON- Lyndon Institite will be starting it's own diversifed agriculture program after recently being awarded a grant from the Agency of Education. The grant is totalled to $55,640 and with this grant, the school will also be able to combine certain classes, as well as paying for expenses.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Lyndon Town Meeting Day Preview

Find out what will be voted on and what issues are being focused on in the town of Lyndon.  

Pricey Potholes  

Rapid temperature change has caused potholes to emerge on the roads. Towns spend thousands of dollars per year filling potholes and it's hard to avoid them.  

Wow, Jacky Lau!

LI senior basketball player, Jacky Lau scored his 1000th point becoming the sixth member of LI's 1000 point club. Find out more details about the game on tonight's broadcast.