Trick or Treat Trail

DANVILLE - Halloween was able to live on in the town of Danville due to some clever thinking of residents.

The Danville trick or treat trail was held from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM on Halloween. The trail was a one-way circuit around the town to over 50 households that were socially distanced while giving out candy.

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Danville Girls Ready for Playoffs

DANVILLE - The Danville girl's soccer team is looking to make a big impact in the postseason.

The Danville girls record of 5-3 puts them at the number three seed in their conference. The number one see is held by the undefeated Procter high school. Danville's past two games have ended in losses from Hazen union which ended 1-0 and Enouisburg with a score of 2-0. Though Danville has been held scoreless the past two games the girls look to turn it around come playoff time. 

Left side defense Senior Macy VaganSchinder says “We have to do a better job communicating and get let the offense come to us." Macy is confident in the team and thinks a championship is possible. Macy noted "We need to stop playing like freshmen"

Coach Morse also isn’t concerned with the last two games saying. “We’re ready for playoffs."Morse also added how important it is to the girls to be playing the game as covid-19 threatened all school sports “We are just happy to be playing right now."


Relief from Covid-19

PEACHAM - The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many people financial distress throughout the United States, but a small little town in Vermont has come up with a way to help their residents stay financially stable.

The process to start the Peacham Covid Relief Fund began back in March.

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Boy Scout Memorabilia Will Be On The Move

DANVILLE- One local man is asking for the public’s help to honor those who have lived their lives in the “Scouting Spirit”. Danville resident Dave Towle is asking for the public to donate any old memorabilia they might have from past scouting days.

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Danville Meals on Wheels

DANVILLE - Senior citizens are not going hungry during the Covid-19 out break-in Danville.

The Senior action center based in the methodist church is home to the meals on wheels program in Danville and is serving up home-cooked meals for seniors who can't leave their homes during these times.


The Church serves over 4,000 meals a year and is lead by head chef Robert Walley. The Church serves meals every Tuesday and Thursday to those who can pick it up curbside or get the meal delivered to the outskirts areas who can't pick it up themselves.

The meals are available to all community members and not exclusively seniors. They do suggest a donation of $5 just to help out with the cost of the food and other expenses.

Danville Selectboard Meeting

DANVILLE - The Danville Selectboard met April 17th for their regularly scheduled meeting. One of the highlights was to discuss the bids for the 2020 mowing & gardening services of the properties owned by the Town of Danville.

The Selectboard heard a range of bids from $8,550 up to $31,00 dollars to mow the town-owned parks, hall and the 11 cemeteries.


The Board decided to go with two local businesses. Cutting it Close of Danville Vermont will be doing the gardening and Rich Benoit will be doing the mowing of the Parks and Cemetary.

For gardening Cutting it Close will cost the town $1,200 dollars, and RIch Benoit was awarded the mowing contract for $9,400 dollars. Eric Boch of the Selectboard said, "Cutting it Close has done gardening for me, and it was really good."

Though both Benoit and Cutting it Close were not the cheapest option, The board agreed that supporting the local businesses was the best option.

Danville Select Board Talks COVID-19

DANVILLE - COVID-19 was the main topic of concern Thursday at the Danville select board meeting, which met via Zoom.

Members talked about concerns with the virus, and how to proceed with meetings and business moving forward to keep residents of Danville safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Danville's Womens Club Tackle Cyber Fraud

DANVILLE- Members of the Womens Club sat down and learned different ways one can avoid online scams designed to get access to your personal information.

Sponsored by AARP, Susan and Bill April go around locally and host these meetings. The Danville meeting being one of three in total.

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Martys First to Stop Tobacco

martysDANVILLE- At the beginning of September, the state of Vermont joined 13 others across the nation in raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old.

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Danville School Hires New Assistant Principal

Danville New Assistant PrincipalDANVILLE- The Danville School now has a new Assistant Principal. At the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday night, Sarah Welch, was officially approved by the school board for her new position.Out of Thirty-Seven candidates for the position, Welch, who works currently for the Lyndon Town School was picked. Danvilles last Assistant Principal, left because he found an administrative position at another school closer to where he lived.

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Danville Photo Contest

PhotoContestDANVILLE- If you've wanted your picture to be featured in a brochure, nows your chance. The Danville Chamber of Commerce is holding a photo contest which has been underway for almost two weeks now.

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Danville School Budget Increases

danvilleschoolact46DANVILLE - The town of Danville has expereinced a very successful Town Meeting Day. Success that is measured in the amount of residents that attending the polls and the town meeting regarding items and voting on both the school board and the town board's agendas. One of the major items that was focused on by both the school and the town was the budget for the school district for the upcoming year. The budget called for an increase from last year's budget, totaling at $6,337,714.00 to be spent on students and the school in the coming year, a 9% increase on the yearly tax rate.

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Danville's Act 46 Plans Finalize in July 2019

danvilleschoolact46DANVILLE-The Vermont State Board of Education came out with their final report regarding the statewide Act 46 initiative at the beginning of December.
On that final report was the proposed unification between the Cabot school district, the Twinfield Union school district, and the Danville school district. Which over many proposals the districts hadn't found a solution, after multiple proposals got voted down time and time again.

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Robert Starr runs again as Senator

dairy milk robert starrDANVILLE- Vermont Senator Robert Starr is rerunning to be Senator again in the upcoming election on Tuesday. Starr has been a member of the Agriculture Committee for many years and would like to make changes to Vermont's dairy farms.

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Danville PTG Spaghetti Dinner

danville ptgDanville - About a month into school Danville School held their Open House Tuesday night welocming families to meet the teachers and enjoy a spaghetti dinner. The dinner was a kick off fundraising event held before the open to house.

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Danville School Upgrades School Safety

danville schoolDANVILLE- After nine years at the Cabot School, Principal David Schilling decided it was time for a change, and took on the role as the new principal at the Danville School. One thing Schilling says he wants to work on in his new role are his listening skills. “My goal first, is really just to listen. I think coming into a new school, there’s always a little bit of fear of change.” 

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Corn Maze Gets National Recognition...Again

mikeboudDanville- The great Vermont corn maze is at it again but this time it is not about growing their stalks. The corn maze is getting some national recognition again. The maze will be featured on Lifetime Tvs show "Married at first sight".


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Girls on the Run

girlsDANVILLE - Laughing and excitement was heard on Wednesday as the Danville/Peacham Girls on the Run group hopped off the school bus at Goodfella's Restaurant, eager to begin their next lesson. The 3rd through 5th graders are a part of the nationwide Girls on the Run organization, established in 1996 to promote empowerment and equality among all females.

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Little Changes For 2018 Joes Pond Ice Out

joespond2018DANVILLE- It is that time of year again. With the temperatures supposedly getting warmer as one may hope that means the ice is thawing. Including the ice on top of Joes Pond in West Danville.


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Snow for Snowmobiles and Business

snowmobile thumbnailDANVILLE - The weekend of February 10th-11th was a great weekend for activities involving snow, primarily due to the fact that there were two major snow storms that occurred during the latter half of the week. One thing is for sure, snowmobile riders made ample use of the snow pack and they took advantage of the trail systems that run throughout Vermont.

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"Not Young Anymore"

danvillebballDANVILLE - A team that is not young anymore. Thats what the Danville Boys Basketball team can be described as. With the experience of this team things are looking up the floor for the Indians this season. Head Coach Jason Brigham is confident in bringing a team of upperclassmen to the hardwood this year. "I told the boys the other day that this is the first year that they can't be considered young."


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Danville Holiday Event

pope libraryDANVILLE- There is this event that the Pope Library holds every year when Christmas is right around the corner. This event has been going on for over 25 years, but not much has changed about it. One person has been attending this event for over two decades now.

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New Business in Danville

newslinc danvilleDANVILLE- A new repair business is opening soon in one local community. The new business, which is located in West Danville, will occupy an already existing structure. 

Danville Maintaining Independence

Danville act 46 thumbnailDANVILLE - The Danville School has decided to remain a singular district and to not merge with a unified school district under Act 46. While there are multiple reasons as to why the Danville school board decided to remain independent district, the most common response is that they wanted to maintain their school structure, and they also wanted to come to a mutual decision by the Act 46 decision deadline, which takes place December 26th.

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Top Scholar Athlete Overcomes Adversity

grosse thumbnailDANVILLE- On the surface, he's a Vermont top ten scholar/athlete. But there's more beneath the surface, that many might not know about him.  Who am I talking about? Danville High School Senior Travis Grosse was recently awarded as one of ten in the state of Vermont for his athletic and academic excellency. Grosse will even tell you he had a little chip on his shoulder before he was honored.

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