Rep. Dick Lawrence

dick lawanceVERMONT— Richard “Dick” Lawrence is a Republican representative running for the State House for his fourth term in the Caledonia District 4. He has been a representative for the last ten years.  


Lawrence was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont in 1942 and got his Associate Degree at University of New Hampshire, Durham in 1962. He has been a Selectman, and a Moderator for Town of Lyndon. 


So far, Lawrence is also the president of the Caledonian County Fair. According to his previous experience, he has put himself in both education and agricultural fields. 


It is estimated that Vermont is over $100 million in debt and this huge amount of money is not decreasing soon. 


Based on the data from the Vermont Office of the State Treasurer, Vermont has around $159.9 million in debt for 2014-2015 period, which is an increase of 4.4% from the 2012-2013 period. It also stated that the debt authorized for fiscal years 2005 through 2015 has increased each year. 


Thus, Lawrence believes that money is the biggest issue for the 4,000 people he represented. 


Lawrence wants to take a closer look at government agencies because he thinks this could be a good starting point for bringing more money into Vermont.


“Each government agency needs to have an analysis done. It is difficult to do that because people are trying to protect their jobs,” Lawrence said. “When you are trying to understand how it is that we can improve this, we are not after their particular job during these investigations. We are just trying to make efficiencies and they sometimes don’t understand that.”


Except for the money issue, Lawrence also wants to focus on improving river clean-up, healthcare, and agriculture as well. 


Two seats are opening for State Representative in the Caledonia District 4. Both Republicans Dick Lawrence and Martha "Marty" Feltus are running for the position unopposed.