Two Arrested in Meth Lab Bust

hazardST. JOHNSBURY - Shawn Greenwood, 40, and Thaddeus Gordon, no age given, were arrested Wednesday night by the Vermont State Police in connection with the clandestine methamphetamine lab discovered yesterday in St. Johnsbury. While hazardous materials crews cleaned up the area surrounding the meth lab yesterday, Greenwood and Gordon were in Burlington, appearing in U.S. District Court on charges of conspiracy to manufacture narcotics.


Greenwood and Gordon are being held pending separate detention hearings. 


The lab, hidden in the woods off Old Center Road in St. Johnsbury, was taken down Thursday afternoon by haz-mat responders, fire trucks and the Vermont State Police. In a press release today, state police claim they "found containers, chemicals, residue, and other items ... indicative of a clandestine methamphetamine lab. At no time was there an immediate threat to public safety. And all unsafe materials were secured, documented as evidence, and disposed of safely, as needed."


The takedown was the climax of a long investigation, one in which police claim that a controlled individual (CI) bought drugs from Greenwood and Gordon twice in the past month.


According to police, the CI first purchased 2.4 grams of pseudoephedrine from Greenwood on September 6. Police say Greenwood had just purchased the drug from the Rite Aid on Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury. On September 14, police say the CI purchased 2.7 grams of methamphetamine from Greenwood and Gordon. Police say Gordon's girlfriend, Christa Garand, was also present for the September 14 buy.


Garand's apartment on Bagley St. was searched yesterday after police left the scene of the clandestine lab, but she was not taken into custody at that time.


After being taken into custody, Gordon claimed that he and Greenwood had made methamphetamine in the clandestine lab 15-16 times since July. Greenwood denied making or distributing methamphetamine, but admitted to selling the pseudo ephedrine to the CI. Police believe that the two men used bicycles to travel back and forth to the lab.


Last November, a similar raid on an apartment building in Island Pond resulted in thirteen people being charged in U.S. District Court in Burlington.


We'll update with any new details throughout the day.

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