The Lady is Back

the lady is backST. JOHNSBURY - If you have driven by Arnold Park in St. Johnsbury lately, you might have noticed that the lady is back. The fountain, which has been guarding the town for nearly a century, has finally been put back and restored to her original beauty. 


The historic landmark underwent some serious renovations back in January. Her broken foot has been replaced as well as new plumbing and a new spray nosel. The lady is now placed on top of a cone like structure which will rush the water down, instead of collecting in a pool like it did previously.

"The lady was in really bad shape, her component parts were all over the place, they weren't even connected anymore, parts had broken out. They had been previously repaired I think in '85 but it somebody who did it lovingly but it wasn't done as rigorously as they could have done it", explains turn bridge metal specialist Bruce Cate.

The money to fund this project however wasn't as difficult as it may seem. Community members came together and formed a fundraising committee which worked very hard to bring the lady back.

"We have a good working committee that helped us raise all the money so we could have her fixed, and have her back. And it's just the pride of all of the committee and having her back here. She's called the Lady of St. Johnsbury", says Linda Garey a proud member of the fundraising committee.

Although these renovations were pricey, costing a staggering fifty-thousand dollars, community members are ecstatic to see the lady back where she belongs.

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