Green Mountain Mall Development

mall developmentST. JOHNSBURY- Ongoing repairs at the Green Mountain Mall in St. Johnsbury have brought to light issues that the mall may have been experiencing prior to the February 4th flood.

 Since the flood occurred back in early February, every time someone steps foot in the Green Mountain Mall they can see the repairs that cleanup crews are working tediously on. An anonymous source says that, "If this mall was anywhere else in the world, none of this would be allowed to happen."

The source went on to say that the mall may have been experiencing water issues before the mall even flooded, "Prior to the flooding, some facilities had evidence of leaking pipes in them, and, upwards of a week with multiple attempts to reach out to the mall caretaker, no action was taken."

According to the anonymous source there are also problems with the mall besides the most recent ones with the water leakages, "It's just, you come here in the morning when you expect to shop, things should be open, you should be able to come in and spend your money, and the main door is locked."

It is obvious when entering the mall that the space is still undergoing repairs. Employees of stores within the mall as well as customers realize and understand that the mall is still under repair and that it takes time, but they feel like the space should be more maintained and also look better than it's current state, "The mall could use some good tenants, it's got a few but you can see there;s a lot of empty space and it could be spruced up," said Bruce Corrette of St. Johnsbury.

Mall Maintenance Supervisor Jay Matthews said people should have come to see him, rather than the media if they had issues with the mall's appearance.

Contact was made with mall owner Mark Healy in Massachusetts and he says that he was unaware of any water leakages prior to the February 4th flooding.

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