St. Johnsbury Bike Shop

st. j bike shopST. JOHNSBURY- Littleton Bike and Fitness is opening a new branch in St. Johnsbury after serving the Littleton Community for decades. Dave Harkless the owner of Littleton Bike and Fitness started off working part time at the shop which was formally known as Littleton Bicycle Shoppe and later made his way up to being a manager.

In 2003 former owner Barry Field was killed in a motorcycle accident and that's when Harkless took over the business and bought it in 2004.

 After the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce conducted market analysis surveys results showed that both consumers and businesses wanted to see a sports shop. Barbara Hatch the Executive Director at the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce said that there was quite of bit of interest when trying to find someone to open a shop.

After results came out Harkless said, "If I don't do it, then they're going to keep going until they find somebody that does want to do it."
Harkless said the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce has been trying to get him to open up a bike shop downtown since the mid 2000's.

So Harkless is coming across the state border and is bringing his passion for creating an experience for his customers with him.
At the new location Harkless will be selling bikes as well as paddle boards, longboards, and whatever else seems to bring in customers.

Hatch explained why Littleton Bike and Fitness was picked, it was picked because it is well known and has positive feedback in the community.

To Harkless it is more than just a business it's about taking on a challenge, "Everything that I sell is not necessary, nobody has to have a bike or skateboard. So it is all expendable income, but you have to be a very positive thinking person anyhow to be into business or else you'd just worry yourself to death."

Hatch said that a bike shop was so important because St. Johnsbury is an active community and a tourist attraction especially with the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail just a mile away.

If things stay on schedule Harkless plans to open in early April with the name of Rollickers Bike and Boards. The new branch will offer different merchandise then the shop in Littleton.

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