St. Johnsbury Water Main Woes

water breakSt. JOHNSBURY - A discussion involving poor water pressure at Monday night’s selectboard meeting gained even more precedence after another water main break occurred this morning on Portland Street. With the rupture this morning, Saint Johnsbury has seen five this year.



The past few weeks in particular have been trying for the town, as three separate water main breaks have inconvenienced residents and motorists alike.

It is no secret that the water of infrastructure of Saint Johnsbury has been in question in recent years, as multiple plans to renovate parts of the town’s infrastructure have been proposed, and in some cases, passed.

Cold weather has already hit the area and is a sign of the forthcoming winter months, and Town Manager Chad Whitehead says that although there isn’t necessarily anything they can do to prevent water main breaks, they are more aware than in the past.

“Looking back, we learned some lessons based on what happened last year”, he said. “We should be able to anticipate things a little bit quicker.”

Quick to defer the water main issues as unique to the town, Whitehead noted that “[The cold weather] wasn’t just an issue in Saint Johnsbury. That was an issue all throughout New England. Nobody can tell what the weather is going to be”.