Pay Raise for Substitute Teachers at STJ Townschool

ST. JOHNSBURY SUBSTITUTES ST. JOHNSBURY- The demand for substitute teachers has forced the ST. Johnsbury town school to bump up their salaries.They hope this will attract more people to take up the positions being offered.


Superintendent Ranny Bledsoe said, “More teachers are agreeing to subbing more at other schools since the pay is way better than what we offer.” The ST. Johnsbury town school is now at purr with substitute rates of other schools like the Peachem, Danville and Barnet. 

 Before the raise, substitute teachers earned $75 daily with a degree and without a degree it was $70. The current pay took effect immediately after the school board of directors had their meeting on Monday. The pay is now $84 daily with or without a degree.

Haley Craig an afterschool part time teacher at the ST Johnsbury town school says, “This somewhat does affect full-time teachers both in a negative and positive way because the school is choosing to invest more on the part time teachers but at the same time, full-time faculty are gaining some help incase they were to be absent from the school.”

According to Heather Mulligan a full time faculty at the school, "It is great to hear that the substitutes teachers are getting a raise because we are a large staff and the number of absences has increased among the full time faculty meaning that we do need people to cover for us". When asked if she had heard or seen reaction from any substitute teachers about the news, she said that in the past she had talked to a few who seemed frustrated with the low pay and found it very challenging.

Although the raise had not been included into the schools current budget, its only ten to fifteen thousand dollars more which would not be that difficult or out of range to find”, says Bledsoe.