St. Johnsbury Water Main Break

water breakST. JOHNSBURY- For the second time this year, another water main break has occured. A construction crew arrived around 8am at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Concord Avenue where water was streaming down the streets.


It has been less than two months since the last water main break occured. In August, part of St. Johnsbury was without water after a water main break happened near Gilman and Concord Avenues. Although there is no boil notice for todays incident, town officials had asked everyone affected to boil their water. Last summer, the State Police had to shut down the water service in areas such as Snell Road, Duke Street, Assisqua Avenue and even parts of Portland Street.

Public Officials say the water line was fixed by early afternoon for the weekend, however traffic will be reduced to one lane in that area. According to public works director Hugh Wescott, "The major renovations to the line will begin next wednesday and will happen fast enough to prevent any issue."

Officials speculate that the cause of the leak may have been due to outdated valves, however this has not yet been officially confirmed.

The public office has declined to disclose the costs needed to fix the damages but the Town Clerk office has said that the town budget will not be affected.