Police Assistance in Education

police in schoolSt. Johnsbury - The town of ST. Johnsbury is continuing to improve its law enforcment, and this time they are involving the schools in the community.


Police officers are now becoming familair faces to students by greeting them in the morning as they walk to school. 

"With recent incidents shown in the news of students encountering with the law enforcement, this is a positive way to change what possible looks like the norm." said John Mathews, a part time substitute teacher.

This new program is desighned to promote relationship between the police enforcement and the youth as well as helping students to communicate with officers in a positive environment. The program which started last week, has received a positive feed back from students, parents and the community. Becka Winsfield an alumni from the St. Johnsbury schools whose now a college student at Lyndon State College, wishes that this kind of program had statrted when she was still in middle school. Having had a fear of police officers when she was younger, winsfield belived that this kind of program would have helped with her phobia. 

Michael Redmon the upper school principal also said that he hopes to increase police involvemnet by having officers help out in classrooms.

Last month, the St. Johnsbury police received thank you cards from anonymouse residents on their cruisers for their good work. Wonder what this time they will get for continuing 0to make even bigger strides.