NVRH Appeals Budget

NVRH thumbnailSt. Johnsbury-  The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital is fighting back and appealing the budget made by The Green Mountain Care Board. The budget the board granted the hospital is over one million dollars less than what was requested.

NVRH originally requested a budget of $68,487,300 but were suprised when they were only granted one point two million dollars less than what was requested. 

 NVRH believes that the hospital was looking at their negotiated percentage of charges, which exceeded over 3 percent; as a yearly basis. However, the hospital was looking at the requested budget in terms of many years, not just one.

The hospital is appealing the budget and according to their Chief Financial Officer, Robert Hersey, the hospital has a strong case to present the board with in hopes of changing their minds.

"So we told them, we employed these physicians to meet a community need; orthopeics and primary care and Eurology and therefore they are going to be busy and because they are going to be busy, they are going to generate more revenues than the 3.6% cap that the Green Mountain Care Board had put in."

In order to keep the care local and close to home, the hospital claims they need the money in order to tailor to the need of the community.

"It's all based on what the community needs. They didn't have enough of these services. We were understaffed in Orthopedics, we were understaffed in Urology, understaffed for Primary Care,  again to meet the community need. So if patients don't get the care here they have to go elsewhere."

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