Passumpsic River Cleanup

river clean upST. JOHNSBURY – The Passumpsic River is getting a cleanup, thanks to the Riverfront Revitalization Committee. River cleanups have been taking place all summer, and the changing temperatures did not stop volunteers from getting into the cooling waters this past weekend.


 Sue Cherry, the Chair of the Planning Committee, says Saturday was a great day to start this project.

“I think today’s a great day to have people involved. We have people in the water, we have people doing cleanup around here, and we even have a whole transfer team.”

A small group of dedicated committee and community members are responsible for this environmental action. They cleaned up all sorts of debris that included bicycles, blankets, tires, scrap metal and more. Some of the trash had been left in the waters for years at a time.

Volunteer Pam Tidyman believes the cause is worthwhile.

“It’s important to standup for the things that I think are important,” says Tidyman. “We have to walk the talk and be out here in the grub, making things happen. This beauty, this land belongs to all of us. We all need to take part in keeping it pristine.”

People paddled up and down the river for hours, but for some, that was just part of the fun.

“I like to paddle on the river,” says committee member Lew Apgar. “And I’d like to see the river cleaner!”

More river cleanups around the state will be happening until the end of the month. The full schedule can be found on the Watershed United Vermont website. 


Riverside Clean Up from NewsLINC on Vimeo.