Kingdom Autumn Festival

kingdom autumn fest thumbST. JOHNSBURY – Like the changing leaves, a beloved festival brought a splash of color and excitement to St. Johnsbury over the weekend.The streets were bustling on Saturday thanks to the sixth annual Colors of the Kingdom Autumn Festival.

Sixty local vendors shared their artisan talents with the public, and they had plenty of opportunity as over a thousand people attended the festival.

Piping hot food was piled high on plates, as vendors’ art and products for sale entranced the eager public. Children waved to the floats as they paraded through the streets.

Local artist Elizabeth Cate says she could not have asked for a better day for this year’s festival.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous and the people seem really friendly. Everyone seems to be in a really great mood… it’s so nice.”

Richard Taylor attended with his grandson, and believes the festival is perfect for young and old alike.

“I think it’s important to support the community,” Taylor says. “This event is wonderful here… you can’t beat it. It’s especially great for the kids.”

The executive director of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Darcie McCann, says the festival has been growing every year for twenty years to become what it is now.

“We’re bringing in thousands of people into the community,” McCann says. “We also have all of the stores open and selling their goods. The festival is just a wonderful thing.”

The festival is put on through the NEK Chamber of Commerce, and several other partners every year. 

Kingdom Autumn Festival from NewsLINC on Vimeo.