St. Johnsbury defeats Lyndon Institute

st. j liSt. Johnsbury- It was a muddy, rainy game for the 110th meeting between the Hilltoppers and the Vikings. St. Johnsbury beat Lyndon 46-0 on Senior Day. 

Runningback, Caleb Stowell had a game to remember as he scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, making it 14-0 Hilltoppers. "The work ethic that the team has shown this week has been amazing. We really wanted to keep our perfect season alive," Stowell said.  

Later, we asked Stowell what the rivarly game meant to him. "It felt great, I mean it's a big game obviously the crowd came. I mean having a big crowd like this is always great, pumps you up so much more. I mean they came out on hitting we came out playing a little harder, its a fun game."

At half time the score was 33-0 Hilltoppers. Sloppy conditions caused Lyndon Institute to turn over the ball four times and which led to St. Johnsbury scoring on three of those four turnovers. In the second half, the Vikings gave up 13 more points to give the Hilltoppers a 46-0 lead in the third quarter. 

Even though Lyndon Institute was down by a lot heading into the fourth quarter, they kept their heads high.

Jay Cobb, a senior for the Vikings, was proud of his team. Even though this was his first year playing for the team. They knew that if they were going to beat St. Johnsbury, they were going to need the right circumstances. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

After the game we talked to Chris Connelly a senior on the Hilltoppers who put into words what this rivarly game is all about.

"The rivalry, this is important to everybody, you see everybody comes out, you see all the cars over there eveerybody on the side, you see the signs you know go toppers. The whole community gets really into it and they look foward to it."said Connelly.

With the win, St. Johnsbury Academy leads the series 60-44-6. The Hilltoppers stay undefeated in the season 8-0 and probably will play Hartford in a playoff match up.