Ultimate Decision?

ultimateVERMONT- A popular sport in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is one step closer to becoming sanctioned by the Vermont Principals Association.

 Ultimate Frisbee, otherwise known as "Ultimate", is a team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a Frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team's goal line. Usually played with seven players on the field at once per team, the sports popularity has been on the rise in past years.

The recent spike in interest has made the VPA rethink its status as a sport. Executive Director of the VPA, Bob Johnson, said "Ultimate is in the first year of a two year 'exhibition' status. During this time, VPA rules can be modified as Ultimate works out the "kinks" in order to become a fully sanctioned varsity sport."

Johnson mentioned that this is the normal process for new activities and sports.

At Lyndon Institute, the Ultimate season has begun and players as well as coaches, are excited for the future of the game.

Maya Gershun-Half, a member of the LI Ultimate team, appreciates the process the VPA is going through to get Ultimate sanctioned.

"Hopefully with it getting sanctioned people will see it as a real sport that requires a lot of speed and skill. Not everyone can pick up a Frisbee and throw it and be on a team."

The "exhibition" status will last until the spring of 2016 when according to Johnson "the Ultimate Committee will present their recommendations to the VPA's Activity Standards Committee on the proposed status of Ultimate."

Once past "exhibiton" status, The Vermont Principals Association will become the first state association to sanction Ultimate in any capacity.