The Dry Spout is Over

MONROE, NH - alcoholThe town of Monroe, New Hampshire went dry over twenty years ago, but that dry period is now over.


The meaning behind a dry town was that alcohol could not be sold in the town or delivered by mail to the town, making it similar to a modern day prohibition. However it did not mean that the residents could not drink alcohol.

Back when the town decided to go dry, the reasoning was mainly in spite of a store owner. The owner operated the only store in town and had some opposing issues with the town. The town then decided that to get back at him they would pass a law making the town dry so he could no longer sell alcohol. When the law passed, it lead to the downfall of his store and gave the town the results they wanted.

Fast-forward over twenty years later the store space is under new ownership and the new owner would like to be able to re-open the store but feels it would only be profitable if they can sell alcohol. So he went to the town and asked that it be on this years ballot to end the dry spout.

After the votes came in on November 8th, the town is now no longer dry. "We can sell and serve alcohol in the town of Monroe, which we haven't been able to do for many years." Administrative Assistant to the select board believes that this may help the town in many different ways.

"One of the  complaints I've heard over the year from people is they try and order wine online, and they won't deliver to monroe because we're a dry town." The law is now no longer in effect and store owners and citizens alike can celebrate the end of the dry spout over a drink or two.