Concord School Ice Rink


CONCORD -The Concord School now has an ice rink open to the public for all to use. The rink was built on top on the current tennis court about a month ago, and is will be open for the winter months. Physical Education and Athletic Director, Brandon Davis, thought it would be a great way to get the kids active during the winter time. The project was a collaboration between the Concord School, The Concord Fire department, and a few parents.  The fire department had flooded the ice rink and then the parents had plowed the snow out to make room for it. Last year the school had discussions about the ice rink being built, but it never happened until about a month ago. 
Brandon Davis explained his excitement about the new development to News7. "I really want the community to be involved and come out and use it. I feel very excited about it, it's one of my dreams to actually have an ice rink here on campus. This is my second year, last year there was talk about it but we never did it. This year we had Fire Chief Richard Fisher and he got some guys to come out here and flood our rink and we had parents help us by plowing the rink and so it's really awesome."

"I think it will be very effective. I think next year as we grow the program and stuff like that, I would like to do an after school program, and having kids come and skate," said Davis. Davis says that if students have skates and helmets, they are more than welcome to bring them for recess. The school is working to collect extra skates so that children who don't have a pair will be able to take part.

The school also has a hill in the yard for kids to go sledding as well. Davis mentioned that it gets people out that experience cabin fever in the winter time. It is also more convenient for people to use the new outdoor ice rink rather than having to travel to Lyndonville or St. Johnsbury. The rink is open everyday from eight in the morning to six at night for all to use. It is free to the public.