St. J Academy Soccer

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stjaysoccerpictureST. JOHNSBURY- Natzu Friebel is proving why he was chosen as Captain of the Hilltoppers's Varsity soccer team, kicking in three of their nine goals last night for a win over Lyndon Institute, nine to zero.


This is the third win of the season for the St. Johnsbury Academy, showing the community that they can achieve their goal of the year-- getting the top trophy. 

"My goal is to bring the team to the semi-finals and finals, because last year we only got into the semi-finals. This is my last year, so, I wanna be at least be in the finals and play as a team," Friebel said.

Senior Gavin Harris says that the team plays well together, because of the chemistry between them. Most of the players have been playing together since elementary school.

The positive chemistry between the team is not only because they have played together for so long, but is also due to the fact that they spend much of their time together off the field, whether it be at school or hanging out on the weekends.

St. Johnsbury Academy will be looking for their fourth win on Thursday when they travel to the state capital to play against Montpelier High School.