Enduro World Series Coming to Burke Mountain

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EWSEAST BURKE- Round six of The 2020 Enduro World Series (EWS), is going to be held at Burke Mountain. Marking the first time the International Mountain Biking Series visits the East Coast. Burke however, is no stranger to enduro races though. 


Although Burke is a smaller mountain compared to what some of these riders are used to, enduro racer Jordan Zach says that the terrain is just as technical and challenging.


They hosted three qualifying rounds for the Enduro World Series, and also hosted a round of the 2018 North American Enduro Series. According to the EWS website, a new trail is being constructed, and will be opened up just in time for race day.  

The event will draw not only the biggest names in Enduro racing, but also a large crowd of spectators to the area. Zach explains that the event is “going to bring a lot of people. It’s definitely going to be, probably one of the most looked at events in this area. You know we have NEMBA-fest, which brings thousands and thousands of people, but this event is going to bring a whole new sort of person you know? People from all over the world.” While Zach won’t be racing in the Enduro World Series, he says that he will be at Burke to witness the first ever EWS on the East Coast.