O'Hagan Playground

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ohaganSHEFFIELD - The Miller’s Run Middle School has dedicated a new playground in memory of the late Mary Pat O’Hagan. Students and Community members gathered at the Sheffield middle school in late November to honor her memory.

"You know she loved the outdoors; she loved kayaking, she loved camping, and she loved just hiking, and that came down to all five of her children, we all do that now. So that's the person that she was when she was taken from us, and unfortunately she was taken at the time she was having the most fun," said her son Shawn O’Hagan.

O’Hagan was murdered back in 2010, but the case is still under investigation. The heart-broken Sheffield community has sense constructed a new playground in her name. The school was in need of a playground, making for a perfect opportunity to give tribute to O’Hagan, who frequently volunteered at the school.

School board member Angie Ryan Williams said, "I think the thing that's really nice about this playground is that we had over ten thousand dollars donated from local community members, which was half of the budget for the playground, which is a lot of money I think from two small towns like this. It was just a really nice event and it was nice to include all of the children at the school."

Although O’Hagan is no longer with her loving community, she remains in the memory of all. Her son could not be more appreciative for the great people that surround him, and for the love they have shown for his mother.

Shawn says "We learn later in life what it means to give back to a community, our mother taught us that, and it's a lesson we could all learn and bring forward for a long time."