Danville Girls Ready for Playoffs

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DANVILLE - The Danville girl's soccer team is looking to make a big impact in the postseason.

The Danville girls record of 5-3 puts them at the number three seed in their conference. The number one see is held by the undefeated Procter high school. Danville's past two games have ended in losses from Hazen union which ended 1-0 and Enouisburg with a score of 2-0. Though Danville has been held scoreless the past two games the girls look to turn it around come playoff time. 

Left side defense Senior Macy VaganSchinder says “We have to do a better job communicating and get let the offense come to us." Macy is confident in the team and thinks a championship is possible. Macy noted "We need to stop playing like freshmen"

Coach Morse also isn’t concerned with the last two games saying. “We’re ready for playoffs."Morse also added how important it is to the girls to be playing the game as covid-19 threatened all school sports “We are just happy to be playing right now."