Corn Maze Gets National Recognition...Again

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mikeboudDanville- The great Vermont corn maze is at it again but this time it is not about growing their stalks. The corn maze is getting some national recognition again. The maze will be featured on Lifetime Tvs show "Married at first sight".


The maze has been recognized throughout various platforms in the last few years according to Mike Boudreau who operates the corn maze. "We have articles that are written about us that we didnt even know about, we have been on the news multiple times, we bought the tv show making monsters to the corn maze so its kinda great to show the country the northeast kingdom."

Boudreau says that Lifetime Tv got more than a few hours of footage from the maze but Mike does not know how long the maze will actually appear on the show. "Its kinda cool just to see what these people were just involved in on tv". The camera crew filmed on the last day the maze was open in 2017 and the episode will air tomorrow.

Other than appearing on tv this week there are new things to come for the maze in 2018. "We're adding new haunted attractions for kids so that's going to be our big thing this year." In addition to that the maze will be entering its 20th year in operation so that in itself is something to look forward to for Boudreau and his staff.

The stalks start growing around May but once the snow melts it will be all hands on deck for the maze that includes 12-18 hour work days.