Little Changes For 2018 Joes Pond Ice Out

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joespond2018DANVILLE- It is that time of year again. With the temperatures supposedly getting warmer as one may hope that means the ice is thawing. Including the ice on top of Joes Pond in West Danville.



This year the temperatures seems to be up and down with the recent cold trend in the past week and more snow on the way here in mid March. It could be something that Vermonters are much used to but what does it mean for the ice out. Last year the pond did not ice out early nor late it was kind of in between according to Hastings store employee Sean Cronin."I don't see a lot of changes for this year , if anything it could be early this year."

Tickets for the ice out have already gone on sale which will go through April 1st.

As for business at the Hastings store they are selling tickets there but Cronin does not believe it will affect the business substantially.

So how do they know when the ice breaks? Does someone crawl out across the ice to check? Well if you said yes to that then you wouldnt be right. Cronin explains that it is actually done by a special device that is set into the ice and once the once melts it will sink into the water. Once that happens then there will be a recorded time and date on the device and who ever guessed the closet or perfectly will win.