Snow for Snowmobiles and Business

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snowmobile thumbnailDANVILLE - The weekend of February 10th-11th was a great weekend for activities involving snow, primarily due to the fact that there were two major snow storms that occurred during the latter half of the week. One thing is for sure, snowmobile riders made ample use of the snow pack and they took advantage of the trail systems that run throughout Vermont.


A local Gas station known as Marty's Gas station is the undocumented home of a snowmobile "pit-stop" along the trails. It is hard to pass Marty's on a weekend and not have a constant flow of three to four snowmobile trailers in the back of the parking lot, either unloading their equipment for a snow covered adventure, or packing up after a long day of riding. People certainly like the location, and they certainly liked the conditions for this weekend.
"It's the best that it has ever been," Eric Molleur commented, "We don't take too many trips up and around this area, this is actually the first time that we've come to Danville; but I have to say, it is a great day to be out on the trails." Eric Molleur is a long-time snowmobile rider, who decided to take a trip to Vermont with his son from their home in New Hampshire. "It's really nice since we live right next to the trails, we just woke up and decided to head in a direction, and now here we are about four hours later."
It is not just the trails that make Danville such a popular rest stop for travelers on their sleds, it is also the rest stop itself that attracts newcomers and brings back seasoned riders. "Marty's is a great place, it truly has everything you need for snowmobiling." said Bob Artibani, a veteran snowmobile rider. "You can park your equipment out back, you can grab some quality food and beverages from inside along with any supplies you need, you can gas up your machines at the pumps, then you can drive in any direction and you will hit the snowmobile trails. How much more convenience does a rider need?"
The major snowfall was not the only reason why snowmobile riders were so eager to get out and ride the trails, due to a very short winter season last year, there are many riders who feel that they are making up for lost time this year, and many of them could not pass up such a powder filled Saturday and Sunday.
When asked what it's like to be such a popular spot for so many snowmobile riders in the area, the employees at Marty's were not willing to comment, however they did mention that they have been much busier since the recent snowfall which started on Wednesday the 7th.
It's good for the riders, it's good for business, and it's lucky for Vermonter's that the snow doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.