Fourth Attempt for VT Beverage Tax

beverage taxVERMONT- A previously disputed beverage tax has found its way back to the State House. The proposed tax that would ask for two cents per ounce on drinks with added sugar has already been rejected three times before in 2011, 2013, and 2014.


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Barnet Town Meeting

BARNET- The Selectboard for the town of Barnet met Monday night with two topics up for discussion.


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Gruber Gives Testimony

gruberWASHINGTON D.C - Jonathan Gruber, a consultant of the Affordable Care Act, testified to the House of Oversight and Government Reform yesterday.

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Vermonters: Rude on the Roads?

HandsFreeVERMONT - Ten states across America have been recognized in a survey conducted by The Green Mountain State was ranked for having some of the rudest folks out on the roads.

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Shumlin says, "Reign in on Education Spending"

shumlin approvalVERMONT - Governor Peter Shumlin says the state of Vermont has to cut back on school spending, while still improving the quality of students' education. 

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Unanswered 9-1-1 Calls During Outage Reportedly Double First Report

911outageVERMONT - The number of people who reportedly called 9-1-1 and did not successfully reach a dispatcher during last Friday's outage has nearly doubled; and at least two of them were made by residents of the Northeast Kingdom, the VCCJ has learned.

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Harvey Lake Dam

barnet damVermont - The Barnet select board took over an hour last night discussing about ways to fix the Harvey Lake Dam, which has taken the town ten years to get to this point.  The dam was built in the early 1970s and got maintenance more or less in a year, but this is the first major repair of the dam.

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Keeping Rights on Record

body camsVERMONT - As technology continues to evolve, the way our human rights are protected evolve as well. March 2nd, 1991, would forever change how news is covered and shared, and opened the eyes of many around the world.

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Should Gruber be Terminated

gruberVERMONT- Vermont State Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning is asking Governor Peter Shumlin to terminate Vermont's $400,000 contract with Jonathan Gruber.

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"NO" to Pipeline

pipelineNATIONWIDE- The United States Senate has voted down the bill to authorize the Keystone XL oil pipeline.


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Kinney's Release Delayed

release delayVERMONT - Tyler Kinney, the Colchester detective who was arrested for allegedly stealing from police storage, has been sent to rehab.

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Vermont Gets Disaster Response Vehicles

EmergencyResponseVehiclesESSEX JUNCTION - Vermont has purchased two brand new pickup trucks for emergency response situations.


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Governor's Race--Still Unknown

for governorVERMONT- Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne is not asking for a recount of election ballots.


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Price Chopper Rebranding

price chopperVERMONT - The supermarket chain Price Chopper has made plans to change the name of their stores in a rebranding move, that will cost around $300 million.

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Prue Appeal

allen prue1Around the NEK -- Today, Allen Prue, 32,  made a motion of appeal to the Vermont State Supreme Court requesting a new trial. He was convicted of conspiracy to murder and attempted kidnapping last month and the first degree murder of Melissa Jenkins.

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Sen. Sanders' Thoughts

bernie sandersVermont — Republicans have taken control of most of the United States after election last week and Vermont is also included. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that it was a tough run for Democrats because Republicans were able to disguise their agenda.

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Legalize Marijuana

potVERMONT- Since the propaganda film "Reefer Madness" was released in the 1920's Marijuana has become one of the most loved and hated drugs in America. Weed has always gotten mixed reviews; some people use to to relax, some people use it for medicine and some people swear that it's harmful to ingest.

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FairPoint Delays

fairpointpatienceVERMONT - After more than 1,700 FairPoint workers from Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire went on strike last moth, FairPoint is now asking their customers to be patient.

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Vermont Voters

voterparticipationNORTHEAST KINGDOM - Voter turnout reached a record low in Vermont, but according to town offices around the Northeast Kingdom, there were impressive numbers for voter participation in the 2014 General Election.

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Ebola Scare

ebola in vermontVERMONT- A man from Vermont has been quarantined after returning to the United States from West Africa yesterday afternoon. After landing at JFK he was escorted by law enforcement back to Vermont.

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Teen Driver Safety

teendriversVERMONT - This week marks the seventh annual National Teen Drivers Safety Week. The week was created in an effort to stress the importance of safety for younger drivers as they learn the rules of the road. 

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Regulating Hunting With Drones In Vermont

DronesWhileHuntingVERMONT - Dave Cowley is the owner and pilot of a quadcopter - also known as a drone. He flies it often in the crisp afternoon skies over the Kingdom. And, he says, the device could change the way hunters find game in Vermont.

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Prue Case: The Verdict

allenprueBURLINGTON - Allen Prue has been found guilty of first degree murder of Melissa Jenkins.

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Barton Solar Farm

barton solar farmBARTON- Construction in Barton is currently underway for a 25 acre solar farm. Barton Solar has partnered up with Essex Capital Partners to develop a 1.89 mega watt photovoltaic electric generation facility, also known as a solar farm.


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Science Scores Drop

necapVERMONT -- The statewide science assessment results from Spring 2014 were released last week for students in grades four, eight, and eleven. Results are showing that on average, students in each of these grades fell short of last years scores. 

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