Woman Trained in Vermont Injured in Circus Act

Circus disasterVERMONT- An incident happened at a Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus in Providence, Rhode Island over the weekend. Nine performers were injured after the device that suspended the women released.

 Samantha Pitard was part of the “Hair Hang Act” at the circus. She and eight other women were suspended dozens of feet in the air when the device gave out. Pitard formally trained at the New England Center for Circus Acts in Brattleboro just three years ago and since then has been working with the Ringling Brothers.

Pitard and the others were rushed to the hospital minutes after the incident.  Founder of the New England Center for Circus acts, Serenity Smith, said she heard of the incident 20 minutes after it happened and that Pitard is recovering.

“She has a small fracture on her spine, very minor, and she has a couple stitches on her head,” said Smith.

Smith assures that all of the performers are recovering.