Universal Healthcare In Works for Vermont

universal healthcareVERMONT- A new plan in the making for 2017 will make Vermont the first state in the nation to implement a universal health care system. The idea for the plan is already in place, and is being worked on to be put to vote in 2016, and activated sometime in 2017.

The plan for universal health care is already in place with the government passing Act 48. This act outlines the path for how the Green Mountain State will reach their goal of a state-wide health care system. The outline has just started being put together and the Green Mountain Care Board will have the task of creating what benefits in the package that Vermonters will receive. "Developing a single-payer system for Vermont is a lot easier than in California or Texas or New York State," said Senator Bernie Sanders.

This health care system will be become a single payer system, where tax money is how health care would be paid for. The state intends to use private insurance companies to manage the payment of the benefits, though overall it will be a publicly-funded and run system. You automatically apply if you are a resident of Vermont. So far under the package Vermonters will be covered for hospital visits, mental care, and physician visits as well.

Patients who have to use this plan will not have to pay anything, as the hospital would now bill the state, and not insurance companies. Dan Reynolds, who is the Director of Healthcare Reform Policy said, “It means you don’t have to worry about being protected in case you have ill health and are unemployed. People lose jobs and they lose insurance, and in many cases people file for bankruptcy. That all goes away and it gives greater security to Vermonters and we think it can be done for less expense.”

While work is just starting for the groundbreaking new system will be worked on until 2016 where they can finally pass a waiver to have the reform done by 2017.