Vermonters Get a Visit from a VIP

President ObamaBURLINGTON- President Obama made a visit to the University of Vermont earlier today. During his latest stop on the campaign trail, he gave a speech reaching out to Vermonters saying that he is working to bring major change to Washington, especially in regards to insurance and equal pay.

He reminded the voters that major change is hard saying, "It takes more than a single term, and more than a single President."  Most people who attended the fundraiser had positive things to say, commenting on their way out how it was an experience they will never forget.

But not all were happy to see the President here in Vermont.  Some members of the "Occupy Movement" were not shy about voicing their opposition.

No matter what Vermonter's views on President Obama may be, only time will tell if he has earned four more years when the American people vote in November.