Vermont Advisory Committee Discusses Disparities in School Discipline

Vermont-Last night the Vermont Advisory Commitee to the US Commission of Civil Rights hosted a web conference, to share their findings and reccomendations on their recent committee report-Disparities in School Disipline in Vermont. The report found that students of color, and students with disabilites are significantly more likley to face disiplinary descrimination. The committee discusssed what they could further do to combat this.


"Our studies have found that Vermont students with disabilities are a third times more likley to be discluded in school activities, and students of color are twice as liked to be excluded as well," stated Curtiss Reed-Commitee Chair.


 "Our studies also show that Vermont has some of the highest rates of emotional distess in students, and that our 'zero tolerance' approach to exclusion isn't working, and we need need re-think of how to improve this," continued Reed.

This study has also shown that moving distruptive students into detention, and expoltion-is negatively impacting them, and their learning process. The committee is looking to get teachers involved in proper training, of handling students in distress or disciplinary issues.

"We anticipate legislature will take note of our findings, and work with our advocates to better these racial and emotional disparities. We hope to establish relationship based programs for teachers, so they can identify how to properly discipline a student with a disability, and understand racial bias," stated Reed,

These teacher programs are not yet established, but the Committee has said they understand what needs to be done, to further the improvement of vulnerable students in Vermont.