Governor Scott Allocates Federal Funds Post COVID

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VERMONT - Governor Phil Scott is working on allocating federal funds into care packages for businesses, that were hit hard by COVID. Scott plans on using 400 million in funding of the 1.3 billion the stte will receive in COVID relief money, and he is looking on where businesses need these funds the most.

"This will be a federally funded care package, that is from the Federal Care Act, and we will be setting this out in phases. I look forward to working with the legislature on this in the coming months," stated Governor Phil Scott. 

 The largest sector recieving federal funds in Vermont, will be for Vermont loans and small businesses.

"We are looking at four catagories for our businesses. 250 million dollars will be given towards Vermont loans and buisinesses," stated Secretary of Commerence and Community Development Linsey Kurrle.

The second largest sector is aimed at helping vulnerable Vermonters, and to help get Vermont's Economy back on their feet after this pandemic.

"150 million dollars will be provided to restart Vermont. This will be used to cover peoples's rent and utilities, and this grant does not have to paid back," continued Kurrle.

"We are also looking to provide 8 million in housing grants, and with that we can stabilize 250 housing units in the state, for those experiencing homelessness in this pandemic," added Josh Hanford Comissioner of Department of Housing and Community Development. 

Giving back to farms, especially dairy farms remained another important investment, and sector for these federal funds. Millk prices have  hit a historical low, and farmers have resorted to dumping milk. 

"Vermont farms could lose 54 million dollars in income loss from this pandemic, but under this proposol 50 million will go to dairy farms in Vermont. Up to 40 million will be allocated to milk, and the other 10 million will be going to butter, yogert and cheeses. These grants will allow our Vermont farmers some relief, and help them get back on their feet during this pandemic," said Anson Tebbetts Secretary on Agency of Agriculture and Food Markets.

"Up to $110,000 dollars could go to a large farm with this grant," continued Tebbetts.

All sectors of businesses will be included in these funds. Funds will also be going towards the Arts in Vermont-places like theaters and cinemas where buisiness was hit fairly hard. Right now the Scott Administration is working with the legislature on securing and allocating this money, and methodically providing sector funding around the state in the coming months.