Governor Phil Scott Looks to Re-Open Parks

VERMONT - While the state of emergency and the stay home order is still extended to June 15th-the state is currently looking on how they'll begin to open up state parks. They hope to begin opening some on June 1st.

Julie Moore the Secretary of Natural Resources was able to offer insight on how the state plans on sucessfully, and safely opening state parks, and also what people should follow after their safe re-opening. 

"We are currently in the process of opening our state parks in the next coming week," stated Moore.

"At, we will be showing updates on where exactly we will be opening our state parks, " continued Moore.

"We anticipate overnight camping to open on June 28th, and park capacity will be enforced on a park by park basis. We will only allow people who have been self isolating to stay in our parks," said Moore.

"We are also looking at adding more port-a-potty's, and new health guidlines inside our state parks," continued Moore.

Campers are encouraged to follow the appropiate social distancing guidlines while camping. Things like being 6 feet away from people, and keeping your group 10 or fewer will be strongly encouraged and enforced when parks open. Campers are also encouraged to bring hand santitizers, and be extra cautious of their trash-when camping. 

The state of Vermont continues to lead the nation in flattening the curve for the virus though. Keeping the trend of slow spread rate continues to be a main priority.

"On Friday we had zero tests come up positive.  But no matter how good this looks, people should still continue to be following social distancing and health guidlines, as we continue to turn the spiget," said Governor Phil Scott.

At the end of the week, the state also hopes to be able to announce how small businesses can begin opening back up.