Vermont Attorney General to Hold Virtual Expungment Clinic

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ORLEANS - Attorney General TJ Donovan and Orleans County State Attorney Jennifer Barrett will be hosting a virtual expungment clinic Friday from 10 am to 2pm. An expungment is when criminal records, and convictions are wiped cleaned-and dismissed. This happens after a certain period of time has elapsed. This usual happens in a court room too, but in light of COVID- the expungement state task force has decided these new means.


Under Vermont State Law, 14 felony offenses, and a few misdemeanors can be dismissed after that certain amount of time has passed. This virtual clinic hopes to be focusing on, and dismissing criminal charges and convictions from those in Orleans County. This will also be a public event, and will be open to anyone via the telephone.

TJ Donovan has been an advocate for expungement since his time in office. This will be the first virtual expundgment in the state of Vermont's history too.

"Expunging people's criminal records gives them a fresh start by providing the opportunity to be part of a community, get a job, to further their education, and to provide for their families. I thank Vermont Legal Aid and State Attorney Barrett for their partnership on this important issue," stated TJ Donovan.

Vermonters with criminal convictions can still schedule appointments for this expungment in advance at 802-503-0004 X 225.