Broadband Deployment Costs for VT

VERMONT - With broadband internet use in high demand with stay at home orders and COVID-19 the state of Vermont is looking to broaden its accessibilty to broadband.

The projected amount of money needed to expand Vermont's broadband is 239 million. This is taken from a 2019 Magallen report. The state estimates that they need to deploy broadband to towns that lack 25/3 Mbps broadband. This is internet that is a slower starting speed-than the national average.

"We could have a crisis in Vermont, if we do not get high speed internet across the state to every community. COVID has shown us that we need high speed internet in order for our students, buisinesses, and medical professionals to thrive," stated Jessica Rosenworcel an FCC commisioner. 

The Vermont legislature compiled a list that represents and labels town's internet list cost,alongside their unserved locations and the percentage that is unserved. The senate is currently deciding whether or not they want to spend COVID money on expanding internet across the state-from their findings.

The NEK still remains to be one of the more underserved areas in the state as well. With,an estimated 8-10 million needed to improve broadband.

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