Peacham Looks to Archive Virus

PEACHAM - Thursday night a Zoom meeting was held by Peacham's Historical Society members on how to preserve things during this COVID pandemic-so historians will have the chance to look back and see what happended. 

The Meeting was organized by Susan Smolinsky, a Peacham resident. Anyone from the NEK could attend, and brainstorm ways to save, and archive things from the virus- from people in the Peacham area.

"If you're an archivist like myself, you are wondering how we can document these records, things like how toilet papers were in stock, how people went to stores, who kept journals," said Karen Lewis, another Peachem resident.

"Many archival organizations are beginning to document this at the Vermont level, but I'd like to begin to document who, what, where, when, and why happening in Peacham during this time," continued Lewis.

"I'm interested to see what has happened in Peacham during COVID, and I'd like to begin gathering anything that describes Peacham from this time, and the reaction to this pandemic," said Lewis.

Others from the Peacham area were able to offer her feedback, and ideas on how to archive and document during this time.

"I think it might be nice to prompt people who have kept a journal during all this, to share their history online, on one of our Facebook pages, or our town website too," said Diane Travis. 

Seniors were active part of the discussion, as well as some young people.

"I've been painting to show the burdens of being alone during all this, " said Cecelia Kane, a senior from the Peacham Senior Apartments.

Karen Lewis looks to begin adding things to her personal email, before a COVID-19 Peachem email can be made. Her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

"For now I will be taking anything people can dump me, any art work, journals, social media posts. It is important we save these until the Peacham Historical society opens up again, so 100 years from now people are able to look back at our small Vermont town, and are able to see what it was like," Lewis said.