Governor Phil Scott Extends Stay at Home Order to June 15th

VERMONT - At today's press confernence briefing Governor Phil Scott pledged to begin with re-opening parts of the state-but explained how a full reopen of the state, will not be until June 15th. People should still follow the CDC social distancing protcols until then. 

 Gatherings of ten and fewer people will continue to be the accepted social distancing protocol. Places like hair salons, nail salons, and the dentists look to remain closed for some time- although things like camps and rentals are beginning to be re-opened this month.

"May 22nd overnight lodging, and rentals can begin to re-open, as long as they are folllowing the CDC and Public Health requirements, and people are following the 14 day self quarantine requirement," said Mark Levine Comissioner on the Department of Public Health.

"We are working towards opening our camp grounds on June 15th, and we are still working on how we will open our parks, " said Julie Moore, Secretary for Agency of Natural Resources. 

Governor Phil Scott continued to stress the importance of still staying home, or around home until June 15th, and to continue to keep appropiate distances from people.

"So far we have the 7th strongest slow growth rate in the country for the virus, and instead of looking at total possible cases, we need to look towards our total postive cases," said Governor Phil Scott.

"While our trends are postive, we are not out of the woods yet, because of this I am exetnding the state of emergency to June 15th," continued Scott.

"We will be re-opening in phases, but it is vital we continue to follow the guidelines," said Scott.

Vermont continues to have the 2nd lowest doubling rate of the virus in the country, but time and social distance will tell just how soon the rest of the state can begin to reopen.