Artists Convene For The Future

VERMONT- Community Engagement Labs are hosting online meetings in order to look towards the future in arts.

Even people from out of state have signed up as Vermont spearheads the conversation of what the arts will look like after quarantine.

According to Eric Booth, the co-founder to CEL, the meetings will focus on different aspects of the art field. The meeting that happened last Tuesday, May 12 focused on individual artists and teaching artists.

"These meetings are a chance to have your first arts community conversation about the arts ecosystem after the crisis," Booth said.

These meetings were inspired by an online story circle were people affected by the crisis joined in and asked what can be done to move forward.

The next time a meeting will be hosted lands on May 19. This one will focus on arts centers.

They are open to the public, anyone interested in tuning can do it here.